The purpose of the fourth amendment is so that a person has the legal right to feel safe and secure from unnecessary outside intervention, especially when they are in their own homes. The fourth amendment entails:

  • The right of a person to be secure in their homes
  • The right of a person to be secure in their persons
  • The right of a person to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures
  • The right of a person to only face a warranted search if there is a strong reason

The fourth amendment came into effect as a part of the Bill of Rights in 1791. The main reason for the fourth amendment being put into effect was due to the fact that many individuals felt violated by the sudden home searches and interrogations which they were being subjected to by workers of the British Crown.

Luckily, now government officials-including police officers- can only search a person’s home if they have a valid search warrant or a very strong reason to do so. Some cases in which police officers are allowed to pat down a person, or search their home despite the fourth amendment are:

  • If the police officer witnessed a person committing a crime (such as drug trafficking) and needs to confiscate or see the item as evidence
  • If the police officer sees someone carrying something illegal into their homes, they are allowed to pursue them in most cases

What is a police officer not allowed to do to me in Greenwood, MS?

As per the fourth amendment a police officer is not allowed to do any of the following

  • Falsely arrest a person
  • Enter a person’s home without a warrant
  • Search a person’s vehicle for no reason
  • Confiscate a person’s personal property without any strong reason
  • Break or damage any items in a person’s home or personal space

The fourth amendment is not the only law which protects a person from abuse by a police officer. Other laws also protect a person from being harassed by an officer, emotionally distressed by an officer, and also sexually approached by an officer as well.

Contact a police brutality lawyer

If an individual feels like their fourth amendment rights have been violated by an officer in Greenwood, MS then they should get in touch with a police brutality lawyer as soon as they can to start taking legal action. Even if a person was committing a crime they still have their own rights which should not be violated. A police officer is never allowed to use excessive force or harm a person if the person was listening to the officer and not being threatening in any way.

If a person feels like an officer has abused them in one way or the other then they can definitely pursue legal action against them through a civil court case. A lawyer can help an individual get together all of the required evidence and paperwork to build a strong case which will have more chances of resulting in them getting some form of compensation for the injustice they were forced to endure.



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