police brutality lawyer in Greenville, MS

If you wish to file a complaint against a Greenville, MS police officer, you are encouraged to speak with a police brutality lawyer who can assist with this.

If you have been victimized by a police officer in Greenville, MS and you wish to file a complaint against him/her, it is recommended that you hire a police brutality lawyer to help you with this. Most complaints are often filed with the officer’s supervisor but can also be submitted to the department’s Internal Affairs Unit. When writing up your complaint, it is important that you include the following information as well as any other pertinent information your attorney recommends.


  1. The date and time the incident occurred.


  1. The name, badge number, and/or any other information you can about the officer. If other officers were present at the time of the alleged act, be sure to include anything you can about them as well. Police officers are expected to report a case of misconduct when they witness it and can be held liable as well when they fail to do so.


  1. Information about the alleged act. This is where you will want to provide a detailed outline or summary of what happened. You will want to include what you were doing prior to your encounter with the officer as well as what events led up to the act of misconduct occurring. Some questions you may want to address here include:


  • Did the officer say anything to you that was inappropriate? If so, what was it?
  • Did the officer become violent at any point? If so, what did he/she do?
  • Did you suffer any injuries as a result of the officer’s violent outburst?
  • Did the Greenville, MS officer sexually assault you or did he/she verbally or physically harass you?
  • Were you falsely arrested as a result of the officer misconduct?
  • How has the alleged act of misconduct affected your life?


  1. The names and phone numbers of any witnesses. If you were mistreated by an officer in a public place or while friends or family were present, they can serve as your witnesses and can attest that the officer did, in fact, engage in an act of misconduct.


Although you can write up your complaint on your own, it is recommended that you have a lawyer review it for clarity to ensure it makes sense and properly depicts what transpired on the day of the incident.


What if I want to file a lawsuit against the officer for mistreating me?


police brutality lawyers in Greenville, SC

In the event you wish to file suit against a police officer in Greenville, MS, it is best you let a police brutality lawyer help you collect the evidence you will need to prove the officer engaged in an act of misconduct.

If you intend on following up your complaint with a lawsuit given the act was serious, you will need to speak with a police brutality attorney to find out the process you must follow to successfully do this. Your attorney will help you determine where your lawsuit should be filed, who should be named as the defendants in the case (i.e. the officer, his/her department, etc.), and how much you believe you are entitled to receive as a result of the mistreatment that has been inflicted upon you.

If you would like to speak with a police brutality lawyer now in Greenville, MS who can help you with this or address any other matter regarding police misconduct, contact Williams Newman Williams, P.L.L.C. at 601-208-0343. The team of lawyers at this firm will not only dedicate the time and effort needed to help you secure a favorable outcome in your case, but can provide you with the legal advice and guidance you might be needing.


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