There is hardly anything more frustrating and infuriating than being pulled over for no apparent reason. Most individuals generally have important places to go and deadlines to meet when they are driving in their vehicles. Being stopped by a police officer doesn’t make achieving those goals any easier and can lead to a lot of frustration.

The unfortunate thing is that there have been cases in the past when police officers have pulled over individuals, and even arrested them for no other reason except that these drivers insulted the officer. In one instance a girl was pulled over because she was playing a song which the police officer found offensive, and in another case, a man was pulled over because he gave a cop the infamous finger.

Of course, these things are not wise actions to pursue, but from a legal perspective, the police officer really does not have the right to arrest or pull a person over simply because they feel insulted by their actions. Anyone who gets harassed by an officer simply for insulting them should contact a  police brutality lawyer to discuss their rights and future action.

The first amendment and the right to show frustration to a police officer

The first amendment allows individuals to show frustration and say less then respectful words to an officer if they are being confronted. Once again, this definitely isn’t the smartest thing to do and can unquestionably lead a person into getting into a lot of trouble- but it isn’t illegal either. The U.S. Supreme Court alleged in 1987 that thanks to the first amendment individuals are allowed to show ‘a significant amount of verbal criticism and challenge directed at police officers’ without breaking the law.

A man has his vehicle keys broken because he insulted a disguised police officer

In 2011, a 22-year-old man who was driving in East Harlem showed the finger to a driver who was being unreasonable on the road. The unreasonable driver turned out to be a disguised police officer in an unmarked car. The officer pulled over and then reached into the driver’s car, pulled out his keys and broke them on the spot.

This was a very unsettling case and obviously, the driver was not at fault. However, situations like this remind us those police officers are also human beings and though we expect them to act professionally all the time, they can be subject to the same fallacies that the rest of us harbor as well

Who should I contact if I get harassed or arrested for insulting a police officer?

If an individual gets arrested for simply insulting a police officer then they generally won’t be at fault especially if they have not committed any other offense. Individuals who are in such a situation should reach out to a police brutality lawyer in Southaven, MS to start getting their evidence together. Being arrested for simply insulting an officer and not doing anything else can be categorized as false arrest depending on the severity of the allegation and therefore should not be taken lightly at all.

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