The police are expected to keep everyone safe and they are also expected to treat everyone fairly. However, this is not always how the situation plays out. Many times, officers allow their personal biases and agendas to get in the way of justice and they end up violating a person’s rights and causing them a lot more harm than good.

Anyone who is confronted by an officer should make sure they understand and act upon their rights. First and foremost, a person has the right to remain silent and if a person wishes to use this right, they should say it out loud. When confronted by an officer, it’s always a good idea to refrain from speaking too much because officers will almost always use a person’s statements against them. The less a person speaks the better it is for them until a qualified attorney can step up and advise them on what they should say and what they should refrain from saying.

A person should always speak the truth with officers but giving away extra unnecessary information, or wording something the wrong way can ruin a person’s case so they should be very careful with their words.

Apart from the right to remain silent, a person may also have the right to refuse consent to search a vehicle, home, or themselves. If a person is not under arrest, they also have the right to calmly leave after confirming with the officers that they are not under arrest. Everyone has constitutional rights, and they should make sure they are protected.

How should police officers be interacted with in Mississippi?

Anyone who is confronted by an officer should make sure they respond politely and do not do anything to interfere with the officer’s duties. Individuals should also refrain from lying or giving the officers false documents.

It can be unnerving to speak with an officer, but a person should do their best to remember and write down exactly what happened during the encounter. If the officer broke procedural duties, then it is likely this can work in a person’s favor later during their case.

Whether a person is stopped on the sidewalk or while in their car, they should make sure to comply with the officers and try and cooperate to the best of their ability. However, if they are unfairly harmed by the officer, they should make sure to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible to explore their legal options,

Connect with a police brutality lawyer as soon as possible to get help if an officer has hurt or abused a person in any way.