Mississippi man, David Logan, has filed a million dollar lawsuit against Water Valley police department. Logan claims that the police beat him and arrested him without cause on July 18th, 2019 during a traffic stop. Logan’s attorneys have released a photo of him bruised and bloodied in a Yalobusha County jail cell. He was arrested and taken to Regional One Hospital to treat his injuries.

Logan Was Asked to Step Out at a Roadblock

David Logan was asked by police officers and deputies to step out of his car at a roadblock when he was assaulted with flashlights. Authorities later reported that the officers assumed he would run away.

A rally was hosted in support of Logan in Water Valley where he was in attendance along with his father in tears. Logan’s father, Wesley Logan, said he was grateful that they only beat him and did not kill him.

$1 Million Lawsuit Filed

The lawsuit has been filed against the city, county, and several police officers and deputies. Logan’s attorney, Carlos Moore, said that enough was enough and it was time that black men be given the same benefit of doubt as extended to whites.

Logan has been charged by the department with resisting arrest, driving on suspended license, and simple assault. Yalobusha County Sheriff Lance Humphreys claimed Logan’s lawsuit to be erroneous. He reported that the Water Valley Police Department and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics were checking driver’s license when they saw he was driving under a suspended one.

The sheriff claimed that Logan got out of the car and attempted to run through the officers. He said the officers arrested Logan after using a stun gun. One of the officers was injured in the altercation and is now on desk duty.

Understanding Section 1983 Violations

Police brutality is the unnecessary use of excessive force, whether physical or in the form of psychological intimidation by a law enforcement officer. This can be as simple as an unreasonable search or seizure or something more violent like using Taser without reason. It is important to seek a police brutality attorney regardless of the extent of damage.

Police brutality and misconduct are often called section 1983 lawsuits because that is the federal statute which protects citizens from police abuse. Police misconduct can be in various forms including unlawful arrest, warrantless arrest, problem with an off-duty police officer, and vindictive prosecution or arrest among others.

A police misconduct lawyer can help victims understand their rights and pursue a case. Police brutality can take place at any time, even while being questioned at the police department.

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