If you’re doubting whether or not police brutality lawsuits actually result in payouts for victims, you only need to consider the data. A recent report has highlighted the fact that Minneapolis alone has paid out tens of millions of dollars in settlements to police brutality victims within the past decade. While the focus of the entire nation is obviously centered around the record-breaking settlement provided to the family of George Floyd, this is hardly the only settlement that Minneapolis has awarded.

In the face of these high settlement costs, some leading politicians in the city are starting to raise concerns. Obviously, paying tens of millions of dollars to police brutality victims is not sustainable. The obvious solution is to stop these incidents of police misconduct in Minnesota from happening again in the future, but this is easier said than done.

City Council President Is Wary of the High Cost of Settlements

As one might expect, political leaders within Minneapolis’ government are becoming quite wary of these police brutality settlements. City Council President Lisa Bender was questioned about the high number of police settlements in Minneapolis, especially the fact that the city awards more settlements on average than other similarly-sized cities in the nation.

According to Bender, this is a “whole system problem.” She also stated that the city is reaching a point where the taxpayer is going to experience the negative side-effects of these large payouts, and this money might start to take away from public services.

Many people have laid the blame on people like Bender and other Minneapolis-based politicians for paying out such large sums to victims of police brutality. In her defense, the City Council President pointed instead to the police department, stating that they should stop using excessive force.

While being questioned by reporters, she explained:

The police officers should stop using force that results in the lawsuits in the first place. There are too many instances of officers using force, there’s too many instances of officers not being disciplined in a way that leads to a shift in behavior, getting officers off the street.”

The Statute of Limitations

If you have experienced police brutality, it’s important to act quickly. The statute of limitations in Minnesota could impact your ability to take legal action, especially if you’re suing a government agency like a police force. In fact, you only have about 180 days to make your initial claim.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have experienced police brutality, you are fully entitled to take legal action against negligent parties. Consider how much money Minneapolis has awarded to victims over the past decade. You could easily be awarded with your own settlement, and the city has already shown that it has a history of handing out large amounts of money for legitimate victims of negligent officers. If you need legal assistance, there are plenty of options available. Reach out to a legal expert today and book your consultation.