“For decades, the Michigan State Police force has been criticized over racial issues; in a state that’s 14 percent African-American, the agency remains only six percent black” according to Metro Times. With the various police brutality cases that have surfaced from the department, it is no secret as to why this generalization has been made. Just back in August, a case that might be viewed by many as an act of police brutality involved an unarmed 15-year old who was killed after fleeing from police.

According to Mlive.com, Damon Grimes was riding his ATV east on Rossini Drive when he caught the attention of two officers in a Michigan State Police patrol vehicle. The officers attempted to pull the teen over claiming he was driving recklessly, and when Grimes failed to pull off the roadway, they continued to pursue him.  As Grimes continued to drive his ATV, Officer Mark Bessner, who happened to be riding in the passenger seat, reached out of the moving police vehicle and shot his Taser at the teen. The Taser’s electrical prongs hit Grimes in the back and the back of his head sending 50,000 volts through his body. Grimes lost control of his ATV and crashed into the back on a parked truck.

The teen was transported to St. Johns Hospital and Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.  The parents of the 9th grader filed a lawsuit on behalf of their son as the act displayed by the officer was not only in violation of the law but also Michigan State Police policies and procedures. Although the teen disobeyed the officer’s orders, going beyond what the department’s policy states is considered unlawful and possibly even an act of police misconduct.


The misconduct doesn’t stop there.


In October, the Metro Times also highlighted yet another incident involving Colonel Kriste Kibbey Etue, who is the director at the Michigan State Police Department. The director allegedly posted “a racist Facebook meme that called NFL players who protest police brutality “millionaire ingrates who hate America” and “arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American degenerates.” As a result of the comment, Etue received a suspension of pay for five days while still having to report to work.

While the officer was reprimanded for the inappropriate comment, it helps to display the thoughts and feelings many officers have toward individuals combating against the many innocent lives that have been taken by police officers who abuse the power they hold.


Victims of police brutality can fight back against the mistreatment.


Police brutality is seen on the streets, in jails, and during routine traffic stops. Verbal and physical abuse are both forms of police mistreatment and all should be recognized, no matter how big or small you might think the act is. If you or someone you know was mistreated or abused by an officer of the law, consult with a police brutality attorney in Detroit, Michigan who can provide you with the information you are seeking on how to handle the matter. USAttorneys.com can help you locate a lawyer in your area now.