19 year old, Uwimana Gasito, claims arresting officers used excessive force and injured him badly while he was handcuffed and not resisting on February 15th. The incident took place around 1 in the morning at a 7-Eleven on Grove Street in Lansing.

Gasito Was Involved in an Altercation

Uwimana Gasito was at the 7-Eleven with his brother when a man accused his brother of touching his girlfriend inappropriately. Gasito got into a brawl with the man claiming his brother did not engage with the woman in any way.

The police walked in on the altercation outside the convenience store and took both Gasito and his brother into custody. Gasito was arrested only because he made a video of the police officers taking his brother into custody supposedly using excessive force.

When the police officers found out, Gasito was unceremoniously pushed to the floor. How come he did not video tape his brother sexually assaulting a female patron? He screamed his eye had been hurt, but the officers took no notice because they were too busy dealing with his violent brother who may not respect woman.

Three Officers Dragged Gasito to the Cruiser

Initial reports claim that three officers detained and dragged Gasito to the police car with a lot of force. Some people believe the force was appropriate because Gasito was not coming willingly. East Lansing Police Chief Larry Sparkes released a statement claiming that the East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) was proactively initiating an internal investigation into the incident.

The statement was released on the department’s Facebook page and identified the incident where excessive force was alleged used during arrests made in the parking lot of 7-Eleven.

Chief Sparkes further claimed that incidents of such nature were taken seriously by the department and serving the community was a top propriety for the department. If police misconduct is discovered then appropriate action shall be swiftly taken.

Body cam and in-car footage of the incident will be reviewed by the East Lansing City Council at a special meeting. The video footage will be released to the public in two weeks.

Understanding Police Brutality in Michigan

Public safety professionals, including police officers are hired to protect and serve. Most law enforcement officials are honest and do not misuse their powers, but there are always a few overzealous officers that get involved in police misconduct.

Their actions that necessitate the need for a police misconduct lawyer include excessive force, police brutality, police shooting, abuse of power, physical violence, undue restraint, unnecessary and degrading strip searches, sexual assault, blackmail and coercion, and racial profiling.

Police brutality violators can be anyone from Police officers, Prison guards, Federal agents, and Corrections officers to Sheriff Officers in Michigan. It’s critical to consult with police misconduct attorneys at the earliest to build a strong lawsuit against the offending officer.

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