Police officers are supposed to follow use of force protocols that govern when they can use force and how they are permitted to diffuse violent situations. However, it is common for an officer to begin to use violence or provoke others, even during a peaceful situation.

An incident in south Florida involved a Miami Dade County officer who severely beat his daughter when he picked her up from school.

Miami-Dade Officer is captured on video using excessive force at a school

The incident began when a teacher from Pinecrest Cove Prep Academy called the suspect to inform him that his 14 year old daughter was misbehaving in class. When the suspect arrived at the school, he began to hit her in the main office in front of at least two school employees. The beating was also caught on surveillance cameras in the room. The footage shows him punch her, pull her hair, and hit her several times with a belt. None of the other adults present attempted to intervene to stop him.

When prosecutors found out about the incident, the officer was charged with child abuse and took a plea deal that included up to a year of probation in lieu of jail time. The victim said that her father had done similar things in the past, including beating her with a belt. The girl is now living with her mother, and the father no longer has any custody rights to see her.

The Miami Dade Police Department suspended him after the arrest. He was placed on restricted duty by the department’s administration for an undisclosed amount of time following the incident.

Who is eligible to sue a police department?

As this news story shows, police officers can abuse their authority with anyone, whether the victim is a suspect in a criminal investigation or even one of their own family members. Whenever an officer illegally uses force against anyone, it is possible to file a lawsuit that alleges the police improperly deprived the victim of their civil rights. This can also be done after cases of false arrest, planted evidence, and other forms of misconduct.

How is police misconduct proven in a court of law?

The best cases for plaintiffs follow the pattern of stories like this incident. Situations where an officer is captured on video clearly doing something wrong are best for plaintiffs. In today’s world, cellphone cameras, video from security cameras nearby, and other forms of technology may have a record of the event. When this kind of concrete evidence is presented to a jury, the officer will have little defense against the accusations and their department may even choose to settle the case rather than risk losing more money at trial. After providing information and evidence about the situation to a lawyer, you should receive advice regarding your chances of success and how additional information may prove to be helpful for winning your case.

Contact a local police brutality attorney in the Miami area

For assistance after any kind of mistreatment by the police, contact a lawyer who will help you file a lawsuit against the department and local government. Orlando R. Murillo, P.A. is available to assist individuals who have endured various kinds of injuries and mistreatment.

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