When the public becomes aware of police brutality and misconduct, the department will often take measures to protect its image and minimize potential losses from lawsuits. A police officer in the Miami area could be facing multiple charges related to accusations of misconduct from several different women.

Officer in Miami Dade County is investigated by the FBI for sexual misconduct with a minor

A police sergeant with the Hialeah department is being investigated by the FBI after numerous accusations of sexual abuse and misconduct. The officer in question has been accused of at least four different acts of sexual misconduct with women dating back to 2015. At least one of the women in question is a minor, meaning he could possibly face criminal charges as well. He is now the subject of an administrative investigation by the department’s internal affairs in addition to the scrutiny from the FBI.

The Hialeah chief of police is also under fire for not immediately terminating the officer and allowing him to work, even after the investigation began. The chief defended his decisions by saying that union contracts would prevent the officer’s firing and that the local state attorney had declined to move forward with charges after a preliminary investigation. After the case was re-opened and the FBI began their investigation, the chief moved the suspected officer to desk duty. He claims that he is still committed to enforcing high standards for all officers in his department, as he has terminated numerous employees for misconduct in the past. He also claimed that he has been assisting the FBI with their investigation from the start and cooperating with all of their requests.

Hialeah is located in the northwestern part of Miami Dade County.

Civil lawsuits against the police

Regardless of whether an officer is criminally prosecuted by a local district attorney or the FBI, it is possible for anyone who has been abused or mistreated to file a lawsuit against the department or city that employs the officer. There are federal civil rights laws which state that any government employee cannot use their authority to deprive someone of their rights. These laws are often used as the basis for civil lawsuits, especially when police officers use violence against suspects, sexually harass victims, or falsely arrest someone.

The value of civil rights lawsuits 

The two main factors that will likely determine the value of a police brutality lawsuit are the severity of harm suffered by the victim and the quality of evidence to prove that the misconduct actually took place. This is why many high profile police brutality cases involve indisputable video evidence of excessive force and violence. In those situations, there is little a police department can do to defend such actions. When victims need extensive medical treatment, miss time from work, and face other problems, these harms can all be factored into the value of a civil lawsuit and requested as damages by the plaintiff’s attorney.

Get help from a police brutality lawyer in Miami

If you have been injured or mistreated by a police officer anywhere in the Miami area, it may be possible to file a lawsuit and receive compensation. Mario Trespalacios P.A. can provide further information about making the police pay for their inappropriate behavior.

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