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Proving an officer lied won’t be easy but it isn’t impossible if you choose to hire an experienced police brutality lawyer in Boston, MA to help you.

When an officer writes up a report or takes the stand in court, it is expected that they are being truthful in everything they say. But if we’re being brutally honest, not all statements provided by law enforcement officials are an accurate depiction of what really happened. In fact, police officers have even coined a term for this type of misconduct. They call it “testilying.” Essentially, it means an officer “takes the truth and stretches it out a little bit.”

Many officers have been recognized for lying in order to conduct a search they legally aren’t permitted to carry out and even arrest someone who they know has committed a crime but doesn’t have the evidence at the time to actually detain the suspect. The New York Times has even cited several cases involving an officer who lied to make an arrest and/or convict someone of a crime. One of these cases involved a woman in NY who was arrested on gun charges who had to fight for “[her] life, [her] freedom, and [her] sanity.”


Below we share a few details regarding this case and what helped prove the officer had, in fact, lied.


According to the officer’s testimony who made the arrest, he said there had been a shooting and that is when he and other investigators decided to search an apartment in the same vicinity for evidence. The officer stated that a woman “stood in the doorway, carrying a laundry bag.” She allegedly set the bag down in the middle of the doorway in the path of the officer. When he went to pick it up to move it, he said it was heavy. As he put it down, he claimed he heard a “clunk” which promoted him to tap the bag with his foot. That is when he felt something hard and looked inside only to find a Ruger 9-millimeter handgun.

Thankfully, the hallway surveillance camera had been on and recording and what it revealed was quite different from what the officer claimed had transpired. The video footage showed that there “was no laundry bag or gun in sight” but that officers had been questioning the woman in her doorway and then entered her apartment. While they did retrieve a weapon once inside, they had little evidence that would help them link it to her, says the New York Times.


Did a police officer in Boston lie on your arrest report or while providing their testimony in court?

Boston, MA police brutality lawyers

If you are looking to obtain justice against a Boston police officer for lying, contact USAttorneys.com to get help with locating a lawyer in your area.

Because police officers are generally the first to arrive at the scene of a crime, it’s often their word against a suspect’s. And in most instances, it’s their word that trumps all others. That means proving their statements contained some sort of fallacy can be difficult to do. However, when you choose to retain a MA police brutality lawyer who can help you recover things like body camera footage, surveillance camera footage, witness statements, etc. to prove the officer wasn’t telling the truth, you stand a chance at obtaining the justice you deserve.

Therefore, if an officer’s inaccurate statement or report has led to you being arrested, imprisoned, harmed, and/or struggling to rebuild our reputation which has been destroyed, you need to contact a Boston, MA police brutality attorney today. USAttorneys.com will help you find and retain a legal expert in your area who is qualified to help you.

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