Baltimore’s recent history has been troubled with a number of serious crimes that remain unsolved or overlooked due to the sheer volume of cases the city must handle. The local police are also no strangers to controversy, as police are most likely to abuse their authority in these hostile environments. An incident that was clearly captured on video demonstrates the level of brutality that some officers deal out.

Vicious beating from a Baltimore cop caused a man to be hospitalized

A video emerged that showed a Baltimore Police officer punching a detained man multiple times. The officer was initially suspended with pay by the department, but further attention for the video resulted in his resignation. Those who knew the victim and the officer said they both may have had a personal history of arguments, which culminated in the officer’s violent outburst. The officer’s name was also not released by the department.

The video shows the man being held by two officers in front of a building with multiple witnesses. One of them starts throwing several punches over the course of approximately a minute until the victim ends up tackled on the ground and bleeding. The second officer appears to eventually try to intervene to prevent further injury to the victim just before the video ends. When the department pulled the relevant footage from the officers’ body cameras, they stated that what was found corroborated the initial video of the beating incident.

The victim had to remain in the hospital for the entire weekend, as he suffered a fractured jaw and ribs, swelling around one eye, and ringing in the ears. He was never actually charged with any crime, which would tend to indicate that the beating was in fact due to the officer’s personal feelings rather than the result of an arrest turned violent.

Local prosecutors will likely file second degree assault charges against the officer based on the multiple blows he dealt to the victim’s head.

Ways to get compensation

In these kinds of situations, injuries to victims can be severe. A lawsuit can factor the costs of the injuries, any long term or permanent medical care that is required, along with other relevant information such as resulting permanent disabilities or the reckless actions of the officer. A case that produces clear evidence of misconduct along with lots of publicity such as this video is also a good way to reach a settlement agreement without the time and expense of a jury trial. The victim’s lawyer in this incident said that he would initially be seeking restitution from the department if they were willing to pay without going through the courts.

Keep in mind that whether the officer is charged criminally, resigns from the department, or is disciplined in any other way, a civil lawsuit remains the only option to be compensated financially. A victim also has no control over any of the criminal or administrative actions that are taken against the offending officer such as suspension or termination after an initial complaint is made to the department. In most situations, a civil lawsuit really is the best option for a victim of police brutality as it offers the most control and best odds for success.

Legal help is available in Baltimore

For those who have been injured by the local police in Baltimore or other parts of Maryland, there are lawyers who can help. An attorney who specializes in cases of police misconduct can make sure you are compensated to the fullest extent for your injuries or other harm caused by improper police actions.

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