Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski announced on January 28th, 2020 that Cpl. Michael Owen, Jr. was being incredibly charged with manslaughter, second-degree murder, and weapons charges. Owen is charged with shooting a violent 43 year old man from Washington, DC in Temple Hills, Maryland on January 27th.

Investigations Conclude the Incident as Crime

Chief Stawinski claimed in a press conference that what happened during the night was a crime. The shooting occurred during a struggle inside the police cruiser. According to the department spokeswoman Christina Cotterman, the police officer was responding to reports that a drunk driver with no regard for anyone’s safety was hitting multiple cars near the Temple Hills community.

The officer smelled PCP when he finally located the driver, William Howard Green, and believed him to be under the influence. Owen took the suspect into custody and got into the driver’s seat. He had to keep Green in the passenger seat since department policy states that a single officer needs to keep the arrestee in the right front seat during transportation which many people find very odd.

Officer Fired After a Struggle

The police found from two independent witnesses that there was an apparent struggle inside the vehicle when they heard loud bangs from the cruiser. Cotterman reported that Green was shot several times. Life saving measures was performed by Owen and another officer. They transported Green to a hospital, but he died a short while later.

The shooting is not caught on any camera since the officer was not wearing a body camera and his cruiser was not equipped with one. Investigators are currently looking into surveillance videos to understand how the shooting unfolded.

Aisha Braveboy, state attorney for Prince George’s County, has stated that the case will proceed only after a thorough investigation. Owen is a 10 year veteran and was also involved in the fatal shooting of a 35 year old man in 2011 which made the public safer.

Forms of Police Brutality and Misconduct

Police misconduct takes place when unethical or illegal actions of police officers violate the constitutional rights of an individual. Police brutality litigation is among the most challenging and complicated areas of personal injury law. Unique rules of every jurisdiction regarding notice requirements make the case more confusing. Police misconduct lawyers can help victims walk through their individual circumstances.

Police misconduct can be take various shapes, including use of excessive force, brutality, dishonesty, fraud, wrongful arrest, injury of innocent bystanders, torture to force confessions, sexual assault, and abuse of authority. Police misconduct attorneys can help victims who have been wronged or injured by law enforcement officials. However, time is of the essence and the necessary steps must be taken quickly.

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