Police brutality is a trending issue that is need of being addressed. Individuals are worried when they come in contact with offices rather than feeling safe and protected. Many police body cams have caught officers planting evidence just so they can make an arrest, some brutally beating an individual, and others who fatally shoot un-armed citizens. With the growing rate of police brutality cases, it isn’t a secret as to why individuals, especially those who may be a potential suspect, rather run from the law than have a “run-in” with it.

In a recent story published by the Sun-Sentinel, we learn that an 18-year old teen was killed in a car accident that transpired after police began chasing the vehicle she was traveling in. Nineteen-year-old Fabreece Ductan and 18-year-old Abigail, both residents of Broward County, FL, were parked in a Coconut Creek apartment complex before officers walked up to investigate why the vehicle had been sitting there. That prompted Ductan to take off. One cop claimed, “he smelled marijuana and alcohol, and inside the teens’ car he saw a liquor bottle, as well as a mason jar with a leafy substance.”  Because they were under the impression that then teens were engaging in an illegal act, they began to chase after the car.

After police lost sight of the car, just seconds later, Ductan had crashed into another vehicle. Espinoza was transported to a hospital but died from her injuries, yet Ductan and the occupants of the other automobile were taken to Northwest Regional Hospital where they received treatment and were then released. Although no charges were issued, the outcome of an investigation conducted by Margate police’s traffic-homicide investigation team would determine if the officers complied with their department’s procedures and its policy on police pursuits.


Until that is determined, all four officers who have been identified as Rocco Favata, Chris Lewis, Cristian Salas, and David Morales are under high speculation.


Citizens Have Become Fearful of Having an Encounter with Police


Cases that have developed because an officer of the law abused his or her power are unfortunate but have led to others being fearful of any type of encounter with police. Many police brutality cases have involved black males, and Ductan was a black male himself. Perhaps he and Espinoza did have alcohol and/or marijuana in their possession, but they didn’t know what consequences they might face as the officer who approached their car may have been like the others who used their weapons as a scare tactic rather than handle the situation in a civil manner.

Perhaps Ductan was in fear of his life which led him to speed away. And if it is determined that the officers should not have pursued the vehicle, they could be at risk of facing some charges themselves as most departments don’t encourage car chases for this very reason. But, many police tend to behave in a manner they constitute as necessary, even if it means going above their department’s policies.

Although it isn’t quite clear if this case is one involving police brutality, many cases continue to develop and USAttorneys.com urges anyone who is a victim of police misconduct to contact them immediately. There are several police brutality attorneys in Broward County, FL who are capable of helping you establish your case and fight for your rights as a victim.