In what seemed like a mile-long walk from Washington Square Park to nearby Police Headquarters, protestors showcased their emotional support for the law enforcement officials. Organized by We Back Blue, an organization that actively backs those in blue uniforms, the protest included slogan-cheering, sign-holding, walking, and waving blue, thin-lined versions of the American flag. Around 140 people participated in this lively yet peaceful procession. 


The protest comes after many anti-police brutality erupted across the nation. The We Back Blue protestors felt that the rise in people’s dissatisfaction might dishearten the police department. They meant to use the protest to show appreciation for the “life-saving” work. Apart from this, they also pointed to seek justice for the retired police officer David Dorn, who was killed in August. Melissa Robey, the founder of the organization behind the protest, says that this tragic incident forced her to become proactive to “support our men and women in uniform.” 


While the concerns of We Back Blue protestors are validated by many who share similar opinions, it can not be ignored that police brutality is a terrible reality. After many excessive force incidents against unarmed civilians came to light, the discussion around police brutality has ranged from defunding the police to seeking out legal help. In matters like these, police brutality lawyers protect your rights to fight any injustice meted out to you by the police department. 

Protestors Supporting the of Black Lives Matter Movement and Defunding the Police Gather at Boise City Hall


Need for police brutality lawyer


The police are meant to protect and serve the local community. Yet, there are rampant occurrence of them flouting law enforcement procedures and rules while being motivated by racial discrimination. Suppose you’ve been a victim of excessive force, undue harassment, fatal wounds, discrimination, false arrest, and so on while being unarmed and not displaying signs of threat. In that case, yours is a case of police brutality. The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution protects your rights for grievance redressal against the police officers. However, it will require you to have an efficient and expert police brutality attorney on your side. 


Apart from such personal measures to safeguard ourselves, civil rights organizations have also been holding regular protests. Some of these protests in Kansas demanded the resignation of Rick Smith, who is currently the Kansas City Police Chief. 


Final word


In response to opposition protests, ‘We Back Blue’ supporters organized the walk on Saturday to express their concerns over defunding the police. Members of the rally also raised mental health issues and concerns over rapid resignations. Much like any other plan, there are two sides to every issue. It is your right to contact and employ the services of police brutality lawyers to safeguard your interests. If you are involved in crime scenes and need a skilled legal representative on your side, it’s best to contact criminal defense lawyers