A New York man will receive a $567,000 settlement after being put in an illegal and banned chokehold by a police officer during an arrest in 2018. 


Tomas Medina, of Queens, is set to receive $562,000 from the New York City Police Department and a further $5,000 from former detective Fabio Nunez, the latter of whom will have to pay out of his own pocket. 


Medina was arrested in 2018 and was subsequently put in an illegal chokehold before allegedly being tasered 13 times. The chokehold, caught on video, was banned by the police department at the time and has been made illegal by both city and state laws. 


Nunez had a history of misconduct and was accused in several lawsuits of excessive force and other acts of brutality. Beginning his career in 2000, Nunez had a total of 17 allegations and 10 complaints before retiring in April 2021. Most of the misconduct allegations were of excessive force and unnecessary use of a taser. This history was taken into account by the courts and likely supported their decisions to take Medina’s claims seriously. 


If a police officer in New York used excessive force against you, whether it was with a weapon or an illegal maneuver, you may be entitled to compensation. In any police brutality lawsuit, an experienced lawyer is your best tool for getting the results you want. Consider reaching out to one of the many local New York police brutality lawyers, and begin the legal process with them on your side. 


How do I sue the police in New York? 


To begin the legal process, plaintiffs in police brutality lawsuits have to act quickly by filing what’s called a Notice of Claim with the city’s Comptroller Office within 90 days of the incident. After you’ve filed this document, you’re going to need to find an attorney, who can then file a Summons and Complaint to the court. This document addresses the defendants in the lawsuit. In this case, the police department who have violated your rights in some way. Your attorney will need to name the specific laws or constitutional amendments that the police broke, justifying your lawsuit. The police will need to respond to the Summons and Complaints within 20 or 30 days. After this stage, the discovery process will begin. After an exchange of information between both parties, it will become clearer whether the police want to offer a settlement or continue on in a court battle to protect themselves. 


Do you need assistance with a police brutality lawsuit in New York? 


Get in touch with an experienced New York police brutality lawyer today to explore your legal options and get the compensation you deserve. The legal process can be complex, and police brutality lawsuits can be especially difficult to win, so don’t go it alone. Reach out to your attorney today.