A resident of Missoula’s Westside neighborhood was hospitalized on January 15th, 2020 after being involved in a police shooting. The incident occurred early in the morning after a 911 call and by the evening a city fire department crew was hosing down blood off the driveway.

No Officers Injured in the Exchange

The man’s condition is now called to be stable. There were no officers injured in the fire exchange. Police responded to a 911 call at Hollywood Trailer Court at the corner of Cooley and North Russell streets in Missoula, Montana around 10:30 in the morning.

There were reports of firearm related disturbances in the neighborhood. Missoula Police Sgt. Travis Welsh claimed that the officers arrived on the scene and encountered a man suspicious of being involved in the disturbance.

Victim was Uncooperative

The man who was shot is reported to have been immediately uncooperative with the officers according to Welsh. The officers used negotiation tactics for almost an hour before shots were fired. The man was injured in the exchange. On-scene police officers attempted CPR and called for an ambulance. By 11:30 in the morning, the man was en-route to the hospital.

There were several people inside the property. However, only the injured man was focused on or engaged with the officers. Missoula Emergency Services Inc. and Police and Missoula County sheriff’s deputies were quickly on the scene to collect evidence. The investigation is still underway.

Interim Police Chief Mike Colyer has formally requested the Montana Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation to help with the investigation since Missoula officers are involved in the gun firing.

Police Misconduct and Wrongful Shooting

Law enforcement officials have a duty and obligation to protect and serve all members of the public. They are given certain powers and authority to exercise control over the lives of others in order to prevent criminals from taking over. However, certain police officers take things too far and victimize those very people they are sworn in to protect. It’s vital to consult with a police brutality lawyer and ensure that this betrayal of trust does not go unpunished.

Few forms of police brutality and misconduct in Montana include degrading strip searches, unnecessary use of violence, sexual assault, and unnecessary use of police power or coercion. Experienced police brutality attorneys can help victims navigate their lawsuit and explain civil rights in such cases.

Police officers are protected by immunity. It is important to find a lawyer with the necessary set of skills and experience required to sort out the complex details of a particular case.

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