Dr. Stephen Brennan was arrested by a Maine police officer and his police dog on September 20th, 2019. Attorneys for Dr. Brennan alleged on October 3rd, 2019 that brutal assault was part of the arrest and that they were disappointed in the York police department. York police Chief Charles Szeniawski has not allowed access to video and audio recordings of the incident till date. This is after the town’s legal counsel advised against it.

Brennan Was Pulled Over For a Petty Traffic Violation

The 63 year old York pediatrician was charged for not submitting to detention or arrest after being pulled over by police around 12:15 am. Police state that Brennan was pulled over because he refused to dim his headlights.

During the incident, police claims that Brennan became increasingly aggressive towards Officer Jon Rogers and refused to obey his commands to stop. This necessitated the use of a K-9 officer.

Attorneys Claims that Excessive Use Was Unwarranted

Brennan’s attorneys, Alexander Spadinger and Timothy Harrington of Shaheen and Gordon, PA, claim that the use of excessive force was unprecedented. The arrest caused lacerations on both arms and legs of Brennan and also left the pediatrician with an injured left eye. Medical reports state that there is blunt force trauma to the head.

Chief Szeniawski claims that such incident where force is used is investigated at a command staff level which started right after the incident occurred. The matter is still under investigation which is why no information is being released.

After Officer Rogers pulled Brennan over, the doctor got out of the vehicle and immediately became aggressive according to Sgt. Brian Curtin. He ran towards Officer Rogers’ cruiser which necessitated the release of K9 officer Gunter.

Police Brutality is Civil Rights Violation

Law enforcement agencies are not unfettered in their tasks. Most police officers are good at their jobs, but there are a few that may take their roles too far. It is important to get in touch with a police brutality lawyer when civil rights are violated by law enforcement officials or other government officials. Experienced attorneys can discuss the circumstances of a claim and determine its viability.

Every member of the public is entitled to civil rights regardless of the charges made by the police against them. Police brutality cannot be justified with the severity of a charge. There are clear limits stipulated under the law that decide when a police officer has gone too far. Capable police brutality attorneys can help navigate a police brutality lawsuit successfully.

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