Law enforcement in Kentucky is investigating the death of a local business owner who was killed during the protests related to the death of George Floyd

Louisville police and national guard open fire and kill a working man

The Louisville Police Department released their surveillance video of the incident. The victim appears to have been shot when police and the national guard returned fire on a large crowd in the area. The mayor of the city said in a statement that the victim had been formally identified as David McAtee. 

The incident happened in a parking lot where there was a large crowd gathering near his business. The information related to the cause of the dispute is somewhat unclear, but Louisville Police did admit that they had to return fire on the crowd. They found that one person in the area died after they shot at the protesters. 

The Kentucky Governor acknowledged the following morning that both the Louisville Police and the Kentucky National Guard did fire into the area. Because the Kentucky State Police were not involved, they will be conducting the independent investigation into the shooting. 

The videos that captured the incident from the victim’s Barbecue restaurant and another business next door provided more insight. There are a number of people who rush in and out of the victim’s building, and he is seen dropping to the ground a few minutes later. Video shows him tending to a grill, but it is unclear who began shooting. Law enforcement claims that he was shooting before he was killed. There were police or national guard members in the alleyway behind his restaurant in the moments before the gunshots started based on the video evidence. 

Residents in the area remembered his business fondly. A number of local residents were frequent guests at his barbecue restaurant and said he was a very nurturing individual. The division chief of the officers responsible was relieved of his position when evidence showed that the officers at the scene turned off their body cameras.  

Illegal police killings

If the police kill an innocent person or a criminal suspect, that kind of behavior is a clear violation of their civil rights. Even when someone is charged with a crime, they still need to be given a trial and a chance to defend themselves. Anytime a police officer subverts this process with an excessive or unnecessary use of force, they can be sued.  

Police involved shootings

All police departments are supposed to keep records of when their officers deploy their firearms or other weapons such as tasers to control crowds. These use of force logs can be used as evidence in lawsuits when people are injured or killed by officers. 

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