Police departments are comprised of officers who all are different in some way. Each has their own beliefs, values, and morals, all of which should not influence how they perform their duties. Despite how different officers may be, there are four types of character an officer may fall into that makes them more or less vulnerable to engage in an act of misconduct. Below we highlight for you what these four types of characters are and what you should do if you encounter an officer in Shreveport, LA who is guilty of misconduct.

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Officers who display bad character contribute to causing a disconnect between the community and the police assigned to patrol it.

  1. Bad Character– This is someone “who will take every opportunity afforded to victimize someone for their personal gain.” This could be an officer who likes to harass potential suspects any time he/she can as it makes them feel superior and powerful or even someone who makes false arrests just so they appear to be successful at their role as an officer of the law.


Lieutenant Robert H. Garrett shared one account involving an officer from Tennessee who forced a woman to perform oral sex on him in an effort to get out being taken to jail [Source:Criminal Justice Institute]. It was around 1:00 a.m. when the officer pulled the woman over for speeding and discovered she had an open warrant for her arrest. He told the woman “I could let you go, but you’ll owe me.” The officer then proceeded to force the woman to perform oral sex on him while her hands were placed in handcuffs.


  1. Uncontrolled Character– This is “a person who will allow the things they desire to outweigh their sense of right and wrong.” For example, a police officer who violates the rights of citizens knowing it is illegal to do so would be considered to have an uncontrolled character. Another example might be a police officer who seizes and steals property that should be handed over to their department.


  1. Self-Controlled Character– This type of officer “has a sense of right and wrong and will resist the temptation to misbehave but will resent the fact that they are held to a higher standard.” This could be someone who makes the cognitive decision to follow their department’s rules and procedures but may still have the desire to violate them.


  1. Excellent Character– “A person who has a high moral standard that exists in every aspect of their life.”


police brutality attorneys in Shreveport, LA

If a Shreveport, LA police officer harassed you, falsely arrested you, searched your vehicle without grounds to do so, or engaged in any other act of misconduct you are encouraged to consult with a LA police brutality lawyer.

While it would be ideal for police departments to only hire and keep officers who display excellent character, that is unrealistic as it isn’t always obvious which officers have a high moral standard and which don’t.

Now, in the event you are the victim of officer misconduct and you would like to file a complaint against a Shreveport, LA police officer for their inappropriate behavior, it would be in your best interest to retain a police brutality lawyer in Shreveport, LA. The Law Offices of Ross Downs represents clients who have been victimized by officers of the law, helping them file complaints and even lawsuits when there are viable grounds to do so. If you would like to schedule an initial consultation with this firm to learn more about how they can help you, don’t hesitate to contact them at 318-281-7677.


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