A reality of police work is that a certain amount of physical force is required to detain suspects and prevent further criminal activity. While the police may try to justify the use of force against younger suspects as a necessary part of detaining them, it seems absurd that officers would need to deploy their tasers against a man that is almost 90 years old. The following story shows that police violence can affect anyone.

87 year old man worried about a stranger near his home ends up tased and arrested

A confrontation on Warhawk Way in Monroe resulted in an 87 year old man being wrestled to the ground and shot with a taser by police. The man had initially called the police about a possible prowler in the area, and disclosed that he was in his home and armed for his own safety. The police advised him to put away the gun before they arrived. Upon arrival, the officers were apparently concerned that the man had his hand in his pocket and was still possibly armed. They verbally commanded him to remove his hands from his pocket and forced him to the ground when he apparently refused. The officers alleged that he resisted with “extreme force” and they needed to deploy a taser to subdue him.

The news coverage of the incident gave no indication as to whether the officers would be disciplined in any way for their conduct. There was also no conclusion given as to whether the man was actually armed or not when the police arrived. The elderly man was charged with resisting a police officer with force or violence and battery on a police officer when arrested.

The reality of the situation

It is difficult to imagine how an 87 year old man could effectively resist with such force against multiple younger police officers. However, it seems that once police arrive on a possible crime scene, everyone becomes fair game. There are relevant procedures in place that limit how and when police can use force against suspects, but it is likely that they will claim the man was possibly armed. When dealing with armed suspects, police have the authority to take a number of measures to diffuse the situation.

Even though the officers will probably not be disciplined by their employing department, the man could still possibly retain an attorney to file a civil lawsuit. The fact that a weapon was used to subdue an 87 year old man seems to be indicative of excessive force. This may also be a good case for a plaintiff to win a settlement, as a jury would probably not respond well to hearing a story about an elderly person being wrestled to the ground by multiple police officers and shot by a taser. A skilled lawyer knows how to turn this story into one that would result in some kind of a payout to the victim.

Get legal help after police abuse

If you have been victimized by police who have clearly overstepped their authority in Monroe Louisiana or any other towns close by, there is help available. A lawyer can file a lawsuit with relevant excessive use of force claims to get the police to pay for your injuries and pain. Campbell, House, and Company Attorneys at Law provide superior legal services throughout the state of Louisiana related to all kinds of injuries.

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