While police are armed and authorized to use their weapons in certain dangerous situations, flight from police on its own is never a reason to use deadly force. Morehouse Parish, like many other parts of the country, has experienced incidents where the police have shot a suspect who was fleeing without any real threat of violence. The largest city in Morehouse Parish is Bastrop, which was the location of a fatal officer-involved shooting of a man who merely tried to run away from the police.

Man fatally shot by Bastrop Police after running out of a car

Police in Bastrop fatally shot a man under suspicious circumstances. Louisiana State Police reported that the Bastrop department was called about a man with in an SUV who was possibly armed near an elementary school on Kammell Street. Later that afternoon, police did find a vehicle matching the description with a man inside. The man inside left the vehicle and began to run away shortly after the police arrived, but it seems that he may not have been not armed. The state police investigation did not confirm if the victim had a gun or ever fired any shots. The details of the next several minutes after a chase began are unclear, but the suspect ended up dead and multiple bullet casings from police weapons were found spread out over an area approximately the size of two football fields.

Police are still interviewing witnesses to try to figure out what happened and what incited the shooting. One of the 22 year old victim’s family members was interviewed and she expressed concerns that he would not have done anything to prompt such a violent response. It is still unknown if any of the officers who discharged their firearms will be disciplined.

What can the victim’s family do to respond?

It seems based on these circumstances that there would have been no need for the police to use deadly force, even if they would have been authorized to detain and arrest the suspect based on the initial call. However, based on the account given by the news, it is also unclear if the suspect was even engaged in any criminal activity at all. All of these factors create a situation where it does not seem that the officers should have used force given the relevant facts.

When someone is shot and killed without proper justification, a lawyer can either file an excessive use of force claim in federal court or a negligence claim for a wrongful death. Both kinds of lawsuits allege that the improper actions of the police caused the death of the victim. The victim’s family can be compensated for things like funeral expenses, medical care, the value of the deceased person’s labor, and the pain and suffering caused by the incident. An expert police brutality lawyer can give more specific information such as the potential value of a judgment or settlement, the need for any additional evidence, and the odds of collecting from either a jury verdict or settlement agreement.

Speak to a Lawyer in Morehouse Parish

If you have been hurt or shot by the police, it is possible to file a police brutality lawsuit for excessive use of force. Ross Downs Law has offices in Bastrop and Monroe, and they have been helping injured people through Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi for years.

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