Looking for an Acclaimed Police Brutality Lawyer in Louisiana? You Have Come to the Right Place

When police officers interact with the public while on the job, they have a code of conduct they must honor.  (That applies to civilians too.) That code is in place to protect the rights of Americans even if they allegedly committed a crime and to ensure they are not physically harmed in police custody. Regrettably, some officers breach that code and use excessive force.

What is excessive use of force in Louisiana?

There is no standard definition for excessive use of force. Informally, excessive use of force is the use of force greater than warranted by the situation. Police have a duty to keep criminals off the street so they have a lot of latitude in the amount of force they are allowed to use in each case. The National Institute of Justice uses the definition described by the International Association of Chiefs of Police which states use of force is the “amount of effort required by police to compel compliance by an unwilling subject.” For instance, if an arrestee is threatening an officer’s or a bystander’s life, an officer is justified in using force to stop them including using a firearm.

Examples of excessive use force include:

Body slamming arrestees


Deadly force

Shooting an unarmed suspect

Unjustified use of pepper spray

Wrongful arrest

Consult with Police Brutality Lawyer

Police brutality lawsuits are challenging because you need to prove an officer used too much force when interacting with an arrestee. That can be complicated, and only an expert in such cases have the knowledge to prove your claim. A police brutality lawyer also knows how to collect the right evidence to prove your claim.

Victims of police brutality should consult with a police brutality lawyer in Louisiana if they want to recover compensation for their pain and suffering. If you decide to file a police brutality lawsuit, you can recover your medical expenses, lost wages, and mental anguish.

Why File a Police Brutality Lawsuit?

You may be asking yourself: Should I file a police brutality lawsuit? You may be wary because you know your character may be questioned and your criminal record will be a part of the court record. You may be wondering if the scrutiny is worth it, but it is your only way of getting justice if police brutalized you or someone your love. An attorney can determine if you have a valid claim and should file a claim.

A police brutality claim serves two purposes. One, it ensures you get the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses and other costs related to your injuries. Secondly, it is punitive and can serve as a catalyst for a change in the culture of a police force. Call one of our police brutality lawyers today and let them explain how the claims process.