Baton Rouge, LA – Various kinds of commercial trucks and vehicles are heavily regulated by the state to minimize the risk of injuries and other types of problems. Anyone who needs to drive a commercial vehicle needs to go through a process to obtain a special commercial license, also called a CDL. This is done at least in part to ensure that individuals operating these vehicles will do so safely and be less likely to cause an accident.

Requirements for drivers to get their commercial driving credentials

There is a handbook produced by the state government that details many of the regulations and requirements for all commercial vehicles in Louisiana. Drivers are instructed to read and study this manual for basic information about how to operate a commercial vehicle and other regulations that may be specific to their line of work. 

All drivers also need to identify which type of vehicle their company will utilize and what types of cargo they will transport. Regulations can change based on the vehicle’s size and dimensions, as well as the transportation purposes of the vehicle. There is a different written and driving test depending on the vehicle in question as well. For example, someone who drives a bus to transport other people will have a slightly different test and requirements compared to someone who drives tanker trucks filled with gasoline. There are state classifications and endorsements that are specific to each of these vehicles. 

Early in the process of learning to drive, those seeking a commercial license may obtain a Louisiana Commercial Learner’s Permit. This allows new commercial drivers to start practicing their skills on the roads, while a fully licensed driver remains in the vehicle with them. Before issuing this permit, the government of Louisiana will check the driver’s records in all U.S. states for the last ten years. There may also be medical prerequisites that require a standard Department of Transportation physical. 

Once a person has the learner’s permit, they need to wait at least 14 days before they can take a driving skills assessment. 

Lawsuits against negligent drivers

When a commercial driver does not possess all of these qualifications and causes an accident, evidence of these problems can be used in a civil lawsuit against the company that owns and operates the vehicle. A civil injury attorney can argue that the driver violated their standard of care on the roads by not complying with all relevant regulations.

Learning more about accidents and legal action in Louisiana

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