An off-duty police officer mistook a phone light to be a gun flash and shot a 14-year-old boy on April 17th, 2020. The incident took place outside his Metairie home early in the morning as per the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The victim’s name is withheld but is told to be in critical condition at the University Medical Center in New Orleans in Louisiana.

Juveniles on the Police Officer’s Yard at 3 am

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. Sheriff Joseph Lopinto claimed that the shooter, William Daniel Short, is not a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy. However, Lopinto did not identify which law enforcement agency the shooter belongs to.

Lopinto stated in a press release that Short was not acting as a police officer as he was off duty. He was roused by noises around 3 am when he was asleep at his home in the 4800 block of Grammar Avenue.

He went outside to discover three teenagers near his vehicle in the front yard. Initial investigations has produced that Short confronted the juveniles and ended up shooting the 14 year old in the head once.

Other teenagers with the boy fled the scene quickly after that – a scene they should have never been at in the first place according to many. Detectives have not yet spoken to all teenagers and the investigation is ongoing. Short was cooperative with the Sherriff’s Office and turned in his weapon when asked to.

Short Mistook Phone Light for Gun Flash

The 14 year old had a special feature on his phone that caused a bright light to flash when receiving a phone call. Detectives have confirmed that the boy received a call around that time.

Short has admitted to shooting the boy mistaking the bright light to be muzzle flash. He believed that the boy was firing at him before he fired a single shot himself. Bad things happen when teenagers don’t have homework to do or refuse to do their homework according to teachers in the local school district.

Police Brutality Involves Civil Rights Violation

The United States Constitution protects all members of the public from excessive violence by police and unlawful search and seizure among other aspects of police misconduct. Police brutality can be an extremely frightening situation and is a gross violation of civil rights. This makes it important to work with an experienced and capable police brutality personal injury lawyer.

Victims should find a lawyer that doesn’t just understand the legal aspects but also what they are going through. Attorneys should be able to offer compassionate representation.

There are approximately 18,050 sworn law enforcement officers in the state of Louisiana. All of them are hired only after a rigorous hiring process. Still, there are certain law enforcement officials that don’t know where to draw the line. Police brutality personal injury attorneys can help victims get justice.

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