Eight Shreveport police officers are facing criminal charges after they allegedly beat two men they pulled over for seatbelt violations. Insider says the incident occurred on January 24th after the two men who were identified as Chico Bell and Damon Robinson, failed to stop for the officers who were attempting to conduct a traffic stop. Officials say instead of pulling over, the men continued driving and threw several items out of the truck’s window after a chase ensued. When the driver of the truck decided to finally stop, the source says the two men “raised their hands, and then stuck both hands up out of the windows of the truck, in an apparent attempt to surrender without resistance.”

Prosecutors say that after officers approached the vehicle, they allegedly pulled Bell out through the driver-side window, “striking, kicking, and tasing him to the torso and other areas of his body.” Officials that approached the passenger side of the vehicle allegedly reached through the window “to hold down Robinson’s arms, while another officer began punching Robinson repeatedly.” Once Robinson was removed from the truck with his hands behind his back, an officer was accused of hitting him in the face with a flashlight.

The source cited that a Caddo Parish deputy who arrived to assist the officers with the chase told prosecutors that Robinson was “compliant during the police encounter and offered no resistance.” Police eventually arrested Bell “on charges of flight from an officer, drug possession, obstruction of justice, and cyberstalking,” and they also arrested and charged Robinson on charges of resisting an officer.


Grand Jury Indicts 8 Louisiana Officers


After an investigation into the incident occurred, it was determined that excessive force was applied and each of the eight officers involved were charged with a count of malfeasance in office. Those eight officers have been identified as Aaron Jaudron, D’Andre Jackson, Mark Ordoyne, William Isenhour, Christopher McConnell, Brandon Walker, Treveion Brooks, and David Francis. Each of the officers were booked into the local jail and were later released on bond.


Charges are Dropped


At the conclusion of the investigation, the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s office also decided to drop all charges filed against the men “due to unnecessary excessive force being used by SPD officers to make the arrest.” Apparently, the brutal encounter the two men had with the officers left one with a broken orbital plate while the other with a broken nose.


Did a Shreveport, LA police officer become violent toward you while placing you under arrest?


If the arresting officer physically harmed you even though you were surrendering yourself and following officer commands, you may be a victim of police misconduct. Anyone who has had their rights violated by a police officer in Louisiana is encouraged to contact an LA police brutality attorney for legal advice. Not only can a lawyer help you better understand your rights, but they can also help you fight for justice.

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