Mistreatment by the police can happen to any member of society, and sometimes those with wealth or fame even become targets. 

A well known actor was injured by several police rubber bullets during a protest in Los Angeles, California. 

Actor from acclaimed show Insecure suffers at the hands of officers 

The damage happened during the final weekend of May 2020 when many demonstrations around the country related to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis started to turn violent. 

The actor, named Kendrick Sampson, was hit with batons and rubber bullets by the LAPD between Saturday night and Sunday morning. A representative for the actor confirmed that he was safe as of Sunday afternoon. 

The incident was documented in several Instagram posts by the actor. The first post shows the scene of a nonviolent protest near Pan Park. Later, it appears that officers used rubber bullets on a crowd of demonstrators and Sampson was backing away from the area. It was around this time that Sampson was also hit with police batons as he appeared to be trying to leave the area. Some of this incident seems to have been captured during a live CNN broadcast that covered the protests and subsequent police violence

After a pause in the footage, Sampson said that he had to stop and help someone else who was injured and claims that the police came towards them and instigated the violence. He called them cowards for using riot gear and shooting rubber bullets when none of the protesters in the area had weapons on them or caused any property damage. He then showed footage of his lip, arm, and chest, all of which appeared to be injured. He also claimed that the officer who first fired rubber rounds appeared to be aiming straight at his chest with an intent to kill.  

Sampson later made a formal statement about his injuries, claiming that he and others funded a demonstration related to victims of police brutality in Los Angeles County. The group was asking for prosecution of corrupt officers and changes in funding for police departments. The LAPD did not respond to a media request for comment. 

A combination of both peaceful protests and violent rioting and looting caused devastation and police responses that same weekend. More than 500 arrests were made related to various crimes near downtown Los Angeles. Some of the crimes included battery on a police officer, looting, burglary, and vandalism. Mayor Carcetti started to gradually set earlier curfews during the weekend to attempt to handle the violence. 

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