Protests in Las Vegas, Nevada turned violent as police deployed tear gas and other forms of force on demonstrators. Some of the demonstrators also responded with more violence by burning cars and committing acts of arson. 

Protests descend into violence that injures demonstrators and officers

Tensions grew as crowds gathered for protests were declared unlawful after a curfew ordinance went into effect late on a Saturday night. At least three men stayed out to set a Metro Police car on fire. There were also other arrests and reports related to extremists who planned to use molotov cocktails and weapons during the demonstrations. 

The police response turned more violent as the situation escalated through the night. Police shot tear gas into crowds and attempted to physically disperse them after officers claimed that rocks and bottles were being thrown in their direction. There were multiple different groups of unrelated demonstrators that violated the curfew.

An accounting of the number of people and officers who were injured during all of these events is still unavailable. A 29 year old officer was shot in the face during the end of one night’s protests, and he remained in critical condition at the time of the news report. 

Law enforcement was also concerned about growing numbers of reports that certain extremist elements are merely using protests and civil unrest as a way of furthering their agenda and committing random acts of violence. The men who were responsible for igniting the police vehicle were caught after they posted a video to social media that showed them pouring gasoline through a cracked window of the car. 

The local federal prosecutor for this section of Nevada expressed concern about the safety of residents, officers, and those who obeyed the law while demonstrating. He vowed to arrest those responsible for the violence and charge them to the fullest extent of the law. Special agents with the ATF were also assigned to investigate arson and property damage in the city. 

Making sure police only use force when necessary

During the spring and summer of 2020, there were numerous demonstrations around Las Vegas and other cities around the country due to police violence and misconduct. While officers are given some authority to disperse crowds and make arrests at these times, they are not allowed to use unnecessary violence or cause injuries to those who are obeying the law. If you have been harmed by an officer for illegal reasons, it is important to discuss your situation with a lawyer licensed in your state who handles injuries and accidents

Speak with a professional after being injured by the police

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