Las Vegas, NV – There are a number of different types of evidence that may be used in an accident lawsuit to prove negligence. Some of these same items may also be used during the insurance claim process by the victim’s provider. Motivated individuals can start this process to collect information as soon as the accident scene is safe. 

Witnesses, accident reports, and insurance claims

There may have been individuals who witnessed the accident first hand in the area. They can be contacted to make statements and possibly be called to testify in court or give a deposition at a later time. 

The police can be an important source of information as well. Victims should always contact law enforcement after a collision where there are property damage and injuries. The officers at the scene will conduct their own investigation. After they make all of their findings they will make a report available to all of the parties involved. This piece of evidence can be especially important, because there will normally be multiple officers inspecting the vehicle damage and using their knowledge and experience of motor vehicle laws and accident reconstruction to form opinions about what likely happened and list these facts and ideas in the final document. 

An insurance adjuster should also be available as part of the insurance claim process. They will inspect the vehicle damage when necessary and give an estimate of the value of the relevant losses. An auto repair shop can do this in some cases as well. 

Trials and settlement negotiations

There are a few different possibilities regarding how this information may be used. Many accident cases will end with settlement negotiations leading to a final agreement to close the case. This is done to avoid the time and expense associated with litigation and a formal court setting. All of these pieces of evidence may be relevant during settlement negotiations, as the plaintiff’s injury lawyer will want to make a strong case that they should receive an appropriate amount of damages from the final agreement. 

In cases that do go to trial, much of this evidence can be introduced by calling witnesses and having them authenticate the items based on the state’s rules of evidence. Documents, pictures, and other types of tangible evidence can all be introduced to the jury by having a witness with personal knowledge of the item testify about its relevance and their personal understanding of why it is important for the issue at hand in the case. 

Getting advice from an accident attorney

There are lawyers in Las Vegas and surrounding cities such as Riverside who can provide more specific information after any accident case. Southwest Injury Law is an experienced local firm that helps victims with civil lawsuits. 

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