It’s one thing to apply a use of force tactic when a bystander or someone else interferes in the line of police work, but it is another to implement a move that can only be described as one that is used in the world of wrestling. When police are required to implement a “use of force,” they are expected to apply tactics they deem necessary yet avoid violating a citizen’s rights. In most cases, officers are required to do this when a suspect is resisting an arrest or disobeying their commands. We also see force applied when a suspect or individual of interest poses as a threat to the officer or anyone else around.

Although a use of force is required in certain situations, one recent account caught on camera with a Lafayette police officer may have you questioning whether the officer was following protocol or if he engaged in an act that might be classified as police brutality.


Here’s what happened.


According to KLFY News 10, several officers were dispatched to a fight that broke out in the neighborhood where Jasper Robinson’s mother lived. Robinson had spent the earlier part of his day watching his mother walk down the aisle to be wed and the remaining part in the cuffs that belonged to one Lafayette police officer. According to the news source, Robinson had walked over to what was described as a crowd of 30-40 people who were allegedly fighting. When Robinson made his way over, the officer we see in the video footage demanded that he stay off the street.

The officer and Robinson began exchanging words where the officer accused Robinson of blocking traffic and Robinson replied “Man I ain’t bothering you, handle your f****** business.” The discussion became a little more heated and the officer attempted to place handcuffs on Robinson and that is when he may have pulled away. The officer then took him to the ground with a Suplex style wresting move.  Police defended the officer by claiming that Robinson was verbally combative with the officer and violently resisted which is why he was slammed to the ground.


But was the wrestling move necessary and is that how Lafayette police are expected to handle these types of accounts?


Robinson and his family plan to file a formal complaint against the officer, however, they could truly benefit from the help a Lafayette police brutality attorney could provide. It becomes a challenge to prove an officer of the law committed an act of excessive force, especially if someone is presumed to be interfering with them conducting an investigation or restoring the peace in the community. With so much going on during Robinson’s encounter with the officer, he may want to consider consulting with a police brutality and misconduct lawyer first to become more informed on what his rights are and the forms of action he can take.

While we do depend on our officers to protect and serve, they are still required to abide by the laws set forth and avoid abusing the power they have to use physical contact to detain someone.