Louisville, Kentucky is a city with both a high crime rate and a number of incidents of police responding to crimes with excessive force. From its history as an important place during the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s until today, Louisville has consistently had tense relations between the police and the public. Two recent incidents highlight the widespread problems of corruption and physical abuse of suspects by the police in the gateway to the south.

Recent Police Beating in Louisville

A recent video that was posted on social media shows Louisville police officers pulling a man from his car after a traffic stop and beating him severely. The incident was shocking enough that multiple witnesses recorded videos on their phones while watching. The department is looking into the incident further and trying to find out why a routine traffic stop interaction escalated into a full fledged police beating.

In the video, three officers take one black male out of his car and throw him onto the ground in a gas station parking lot. One of the cops throws several punches while the man is detained before he is restrained and handcuffed. A bystander reported that there may have been some disagreement when the man refused to exit his vehicle, then one of the officers spilled a drink inside the car onto him. After these events, an argument and physical fight began to break out. A separate video shows the man attempting to flee on foot when he was restrained and taken to the ground. After the officers detained the man there were punches thrown and the man was kneed in the back by one of the officers.

More News about Local Police Corruption

This beating incident comes on the heels of another high profile case in the city involving police misconduct. Detective Mark Handy has been indicted by a grand jury for felony counts of perjury and tampering with evidence from an investigation regarding a murder several years earlier. The victim, Edwin Chandler, was falsely convicted by the actions of Handy. He had already spent nine years in jail based on a forced confession and the city has subsequently paid him $8.5 million in damages. His lawyers found tampering with the taped confession regarding evidence about the real perpetrator and the use of facts that police forced him to say while being interrogated. Chandler sat in prison for several years before being exonerated in 2009 due to the improper actions of Handy.

You may be a Victim

Police brutality can include any number of improper actions. These include failing to provide medical assistance or neglect, physically assaulting suspects or witnesses, firing shots or using deadly force with firearms when unnecessary, and a number of other actions that put people in danger and go beyond a basic duty to protect the public and prevent crime. It is fairly common for police to overstep their bounds and abuse their authority in these ways, and unfortunately, much of it is unreported and unpunished even when their actions cause severe injuries. Do not be afraid to seek legal help.

For help filing a case against the police, please contact a local lawyer in the Louisville, Kentucky area. You will be asked to provide information about the incident and evidence including pictures, videos, or the testimony of other witnesses if available. In some cases such as the recent ones mentioned in this article, the proof of police misconduct may be strong enough for the department to settle out of court for large sums of money. There are other incidents that may require a trial, or even result in criminal charges against the officer if there is clear evidence of corruption or illegal activities.  A lawyer who is licensed in the state of Kentucky and experienced in these matters can provide additional information based on your specific case.



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