Racial profiling is illegal in the USA. According to The Constitution, all human beings are created equal and they have the equal right to be protected under the law. Racial profiling violates these rights because it targets an individual and makes them more vulnerable to being treated differently simply because of their race or religion.

Is racial profiling really a problem in Lexington, Kentucky?

Believe it or not, racial profiling is actually very prevalent in Lexington, KY. Latino and black communities make up only 27% and 26 % of the population respectively. However, they comprise 84% of those who are arrested or stopped for checking by an officer.

This clearly shows that police officers and other individuals who are acting under color of law have a tendency to arrest or suspect individuals who are of color or who are of a specific ethnic background.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAAC) was created for the very purpose of trying to educate individuals about racial profiling and to try to prevent acts of racial profiling from being so prevalent. The International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) is also violated when an officer or other individuals in society single a person out for no other reason except because of their identity.

The reason why racial profiling is such a big issue in society-apart from the fact that it violates the human rights of the suspected individual- is the fact that the real culprit generally gets away.

Since officers are not arresting people based on evidence and are simply looking for ethnic cues to make their arrests then they often let the real criminal get away. Not to mention the court time that is wasted on such trials when there is almost no evidence to back up the arrest.

An autistic teen is beaten while being arrested in Kentucky

An autistic teenager was with his father at the mall when he was arrested by two police officers. His father recorded the incident and showed that one of the officers hit his son with his baton while arresting him. It was later discovered that one of the officers was not carrying his body camera and the other officer had his body camera turned off.

The NAAC demanded answers and they believe that this was a case of racial profiling. After all of the investigating took place the teen was returned to the custody of his mother and the officers are currently under investigation for the way they had been behaving.

Anyone who believes that they or their family members have been subjected to racial profiling should not hesitate to reach out to a police brutality attorney in Kentucky.

A police brutality attorney can help a person decide whether they really faced racial profiling or not and then they can go a step further and help a person take legal action against the offending officer. It can be difficult to win a case against an officer simply because of how much authority they have, but at the end of the day, it is definitely not impossible to win back compensation.

Racial profiling is a real problem that many individuals are facing in Kentucky. Innocent individuals are targeted, embarrassed and even arrested for doing nothing except for having a specific skin tone or being of a particular religion. This belief holds no place in the USA and anyone who feels like they have been targeted should not even think twice before reaching out for legal help.

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