police brutality attorneys in Louisville, KY

If you are the victim of a false arrest, contact a Louisville, KY police brutality attorney to find out whether your circumstances permit you to sue the officer for misconduct.

If a police officer in Louisville, KY arrested you while knowing you didn’t actually commit a crime resulting in you having to spend time in jail, you do have the right to sue the officer for their misconduct. According to Cornell Law School, “false imprisonment is an act punishable under criminal law as well as under tort law.” This means that the officer could potentially be faced with criminal charges for arresting and detaining you as well as other consequences for harming or injuring you.

When a person is the victim of a false arrest, it can cause a significant amount of stress and strain on them and their loved ones. False arrests often lead to an individual having to:


  • Spend time in jail putting them at risk of being physically harmed and potentially suffering from psychological injuries.
  • Paying court fines and fees.
  • Hiring a FL criminal defense lawyer to help fight their charges.
  • Losing out on potential job opportunities as employers may see the charges until they are dropped.
  • Live their life with a criminal charge on their record in the event they are not successful in getting the charge dismissed. This can directly impact their life and livelihood as certain employers do not permit individuals to work for them when they have an arrest on their record.


Because of the severe impact a false arrest can have on a person and their loved ones, most attempt to sue the officer who violated their rights in an effort to recover compensation as a form of relief for the suffering the officer has caused. Filing a lawsuit is also an attempt for a victim to “impose liability on parties responsible for the harm and to deter others from committing harmful acts” [Source: Cornell Law School].

In the event you are considering suing a Louisville, KY police officer for falsely arresting you, you will want to consult with a police brutality lawyer first. The Louisville, KY police brutality attorneys USAttorneys.com works closely with can help you understand the litigation process as well as help you determine a fair amount to ask for in terms of compensation. Some different types of damages you might consider asking for include:


  • Money to cover the legal fees you incurred. This might include the money paid to the court, the city, the state, and to your lawyer.


  • Lost wages. If you lost your job as a result of the arrest or haven’t been able to work and provide financially for your family, the amount of money you would have received had you not been arrested should be totaled up and included in your lawsuit.


  • Pain and suffering. Being placed in jail for a crime you never committed can be traumatizing to both you and your family. Aside from that, if you weren’t treated fairly by the correctional officers during your stay, that too should be taken into consideration when determining how much compensation you are entitled to receive.
police brutality lawyers in Louisville, KY

Were you falsely arrested and detained by a Louisville, KY police officer? If so, speak with a local police misconduct attorney to learn more about your legal rights.

In the event you are ready to speak with a police brutality lawyer in Louisville, KY to find out more about filing a lawsuit against the officer who falsely arrested you and how much your case might be worth, contact USAttorneys.com today.

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