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Are You Suffering From Police Brutality in Kentucky? Our Police Brutality Lawyers Can Help

Police officers and law enforcement officials have a duty to keep society safe by taking criminals off the street and enforcing the law. Most police officers take their sworn duty seriously and respect the rights of the people they encounter in traffic stops, during arrests or other interactions. However, there are instances of police using excessive and unnecessary force causing serious, sometimes deadly, injuries. When an officer hurts uses excessive force and someone is hurt or killed, the victim could be eligible for compensation.

What is Police Brutality?

While the majority of officers working in law enforcement agencies across Kentucky take the rights of arrestees and detainees seriously, some officers cross the line and abuse their authority. Sadly, police brutality is a problem in the U.S., and sometimes these encounters have tragic consequences

Facts About Police Brutality

Following are some facts about police brutality in the U.S. compiled by the Guardian:

In 2016, police killed 1,092 people in the U.S.

In Kentucky, 22 people were killed by police.

Firearms caused the majority of civilian deaths at the hands of police.

Nationwide, 169 people killed by police were unarmed.

African-Americans are twice as likely to be brutalized.

The county with the highest rate of police killings is Kern County, California.

You can find more information about police brutality by visiting “The Counted” website, a database that provides data on police brutality.

Can I File a Police Brutality Lawsuit?

To have a valid police brutality lawsuit, you need to be able to prove an officer used excessive force. That can be harder than you might think because, even if you are injured, it can be hard to convince a judge or jury that an officer used excessive force. Police are allowed to use force proportional to the arrestee’s actions and level of violence, so you must demonstrate that their actions were unjustified.

You can file a police brutality lawsuit for the following:

Excessive use of force including body slamming suspects, punching arrestees, or kicks to the head.

Excessive use of a taser gun

False arrest

Unjustified police shooting

Wrongful use of pepper spray

Wrongful death of a suspect

Speak to a Police Brutality Lawyer in Kentucky

Some incidents of police brutality make the national media because they are caught on tape, but many incidents of police brutality go unnoticed by the national media. The consequences and impact on the communities where these incidents occur can be immense and causes a drastic erosion of the trust between community and police. Police brutality cases can be difficult to prove, so you need tp

If you were hurt by police or a loved one was killed, let connect you with a police brutality attorney near your Kentucky location. We have a compassionate, devoted and skilled team of lawyers who will get you the best settlement possible. Our attorneys understand the realities of police brutality and strive to get justice for you and your loved ones. Call today and set up a free case evaluation.