Police can generally get away with higher levels of misconduct than most professions. When they engage in activities that would cause most other people to lose their jobs, police are usually the subject of a puppet investigation from their co-workers in internal affairs that results in no disciplinary action being taken against them. Furthermore, the prosecutors in the city where the officers work usually only file criminal charges in incidents of extreme violence or fatalities that are captured on video. In most situations, someone who has been injured or harassed should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. A lawsuit or other protective measures may be necessary to prevent further infractions and receive compensation for any injuries.

Wichita cop engages in a pattern of misconduct before being disciplined

A Wichita Police officer had committed multiple acts of stalking and harassment against a couple for months before any action was finally taken. The situation began with a woman who had been romantically involved with Officer Joshua Price. A few weeks after their engagement broke off, the officer appeared at the home where she was staying while in uniform and on duty and made up a false story telling her she needed to leave within four days, otherwise he would personally have her belongings removed.  The woman reported the incident to Price’s lieutenant multiple times, but it seems that nothing was done for weeks after the initial complaint. Around this time Price was also patrolling the streets directly near her house in the middle of the night, and planned to have him or one of his friends on the force consistently make traffic stops right in front of the home.

The woman later moved out of the officer’s jurisdiction and mostly remained inside for some time due to the fear of constant stalking. A couple weeks after this move, her boyfriend was pulled over by Officer Price and given a citation for a suspended license. The officer also followed the car after the traffic stop until he was nearly at the new home.

At this point the woman filed for a restraining order against the officer and detailed other incidents that happened in the past while they were dating, including him breaking her arm and possible involvement in the theft of her vehicle.

Eventually, the couple was finally contacted by someone from internal affairs. The officer ended up arrested from these actions and the suspended license ticket was dismissed, probably due to the lack of probably cause for a traffic stop. Later it was revealed that the officer was never actually charged with any crime, and he was merely placed on administrative leave for some time after these events.

How can victims be protected?

Sometimes, people cannot depend on police departments to regulate the conduct of their officers. It is best to retain the help of a legal professional who can outline the steps someone should take to protect themselves and their families in incidents of continued harassment and violence. A lawyer can give specific advice about certain procedures such as filing for a protective order and bringing various lawsuits against the police for actions such as official misconduct, false arrest, or excessive use of force. It may also be necessary to take other steps to prevent retaliation by the police against victims who report their actions.

Get help from an attorney in Wichita now

There are lawyers who specialize in dealing with police brutality and misconduct in Wichita and surrounding parts of Kansas. It is possible to speak with an attorney now to receive professional advice.

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