When a person has their rights violated by someone who was mandated by the law to protect them, the after-effects of the interaction can be pretty traumatizing. Anyone who has been abused by a police officer can definitely get in touch with a police brutality attorney to see if they are eligible for compensation.

Financial compensation is not the only reason why a person may want to get in touch with a lawyer. If anyone has been hurt by an officer they would generally want that officer to be locked up or at the very least penalized in some way so that he or she cannot act up in the same manner again. If a person wants to see if a police officer can be penalized for the way they behaved, that is another good reason to call a police brutality lawyer in Kansas City, KS.

How much compensation can I get if I win a case against a police officer?

The amount that a person will eventually get depends entirely on how severely the officer acted up and how much damage was caused to the person. The more the person suffered, the more a person can ask for when taking the officer to court. There have been cases in which individuals have asked for a few thousand for the pain they suffered and there have also been cases where victims have asked for up to 6 million dollars for all of the pain the police officer caused them.

Should I take legal action against the police officer or the police department?

Generally speaking, if a person has had a bad interaction with a police officer and they intend on taking legal action against them, they can litigate against the officer who harmed them, the officers superintend or the police chief, and even the police department itself.

A person can sue a police department if they feel any of the following factors have occurred:

  • The police department failed to educate their officers and this lead to a severe amount of physical pain and damage
  • The police department was in charge of activities which lead to police officers being more racist and prone to ethnic profiling
  • The police department policies were encouraging officers to act violently against helpless individuals
  • The police department was taking part in illegal activities

Kansas City man awarded 6.5 million dollars by the jury after nearly being killed by a police officer

A young man who was pulled over, tasered, and then pushed to the floor underwent cardiac arrest and then filed a lawsuit against the police officer who had acted so violently against him. The police officer was charged with criminal charges, and sentenced to 4 years in prison. The young man was awarded 6.5 million dollars in damages. It was unclear whether the funds would come from the offending officer, or from the police department itself.

Anyone who has been harmed by a police officer should contact a police brutality attorney as soon as they can in order to be compensated and in order to prevent the officer from acting out again. A lawyer can also help a person figure out if it is best for them to file their lawsuit against one officer, the superintendents of the officer, or the police department itself.

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