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We recognize police officers for their courageous attitude in protecting citizens and upholding the law. They are selfless individuals ready to put their lives at risk to protect us. The power vested in them helps them to carry out their duties.

But, at times there are some who cross the line and begin to abuse this power, leading to incidents of police brutality and misconduct. While such occurrences may seem rare they are not uncommon, and one must be prepared to face such situations.

We have seen this happen on movies and on TV but it does happen in real life. The person that is supposed to protect you has become an aggressor. Not a good feeling. This happens all the time in Russia and Cuba but this is America and we need to be better than that. We need to not tolerate this sort of behavior.

This is why was invented. Much to the chagrin of bullies and criminals everywhere, this site makes it very easy to obtain salient legal help.

The diverse forms of police misconduct

Police misconduct can occur in several ways. We have interactions with law enforcement officers and we have our rights and freedom always. If any police officer violates these rights, he or she can be held accountable for their actions. Let us look at the common types of police misconduct:

  • Employing unnecessary force – Law enforcement officers have time and again assaulted a suspect without need and the incident has remained taped on camera. This is usually during an arrest or interrogation where police officers body slam, beat, and kick the suspects without any reason. This amounts to police brutality or use of unwarranted force.
  • Unlawful detention – This occurs when the arresting officer does not have enough proof or makes an arrest on suspicion alone. This unlawful detention is police misconduct.
  • Ethnic prejudice – When a police officer treats or mistreats a suspect due to his or her skin color or ethnicity it is a clear case of racial profiling. The police officer could discriminate based on religion without any valid reason and these incidents happen very often.
  • Dishonesty – In these cases the law enforcement officer may accept money or favors and leave some suspects free and act against others without any proof. This also qualifies as police misconduct.
  • Planting incriminating evidence on suspect – Some police officers plant incriminating evidence on the suspect to make them confess. This type of illegal practice is unethical and amounts to police misconduct.
  • Surveillance misuse – Those who have access to surveillance technology at times misuse it to distort the case. They do this type of misuse for personal gain. Phone tapping, spying, and use of cameras in the private quarters of an individual can be deemed as police misconduct.

We have a lawyer for you

If you or someone you know has faced this type of situation, it is vital to seek legal counsel. If law enforcement has manhandled you without reason or acted in a manner that violates your rights, then you can take legal action against them. You could also receive financial compensation as damages. What you need is a reliable and hard charging Kansas police brutality lawyer by your side.

At you will find the best tools to locate the legal talent you need. You can use the interactive map or look up the local lawyers’ directory and get access to their contact details. The next step is to call them and to talk to them about your case. Start from the beginning!

In case you need help during the process, don’t hesitate to use the live chat service or you can use the contact form to send us your information. We will call you back within a couple of hours and help you in your pursuit to secure legal help. We will aid you in finding that legal representative in your area who knows this legal domain.

We need to put this officer in check! No way should they get away with this.



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