All individuals in the United States are entitled to have their human rights protected, whether they are residents, or they are just visiting for a little while. If an officer unjustly confronts a person or hurts them in any way, they should call a police brutality attorney to help them through the legal process that will surely follow the encounter.

For non-citizens specifically, there are a few rights they should be adamant about when being confronted by an aggressive officer. First, they should remember that it is not necessary for them to discuss their immigration status with anyone. They are also not required to sign any papers immediately. If a person is being questioned, they should remain silent until they have spoken in detail with their attorney. However, giving their identity when asked for it is necessary, and a person should not fight the officer or refuse to give their identity to them.

They should call their lawyer as soon as possible and ask them about how this new criminal charge will affect their immigration status. If a person gets imprisoned due to their confrontation with the officer, it is possible that an immigration agent may come to ask questions and get a person to sign some documents. It is vital that a person remain silent and refuse to sign anything until they have thoroughly discussed everything with their lawyer first.

Non-residents who do not know good English can request the officer to get them an interpreter and they should not feel pressurized to read and understand everything on their own as there are high chances that they will misunderstand something important.

What should I refrain from doing when confronted by an officer?

The worst thing a person can do when confronted by an officer is to fight back and resist arrest. Even if a person is completely innocent, behaving in such a manner can result in them being charged with battery against an officer and they can end up having to face very serious legal consequences as well as getting a criminal record.

A person should also refrain from making hasty movements and acting recklessly. No matter how nervous a person is, they should remain calm and surrender to the officer. If a person quickly moves, even if it is just to pull out their phone, the officer could mistake their movement as threatening and they may assume a person is pulling out a weapon and this can result in them behaving even more aggressively towards the person.

Individuals should always remain calm and try to defend themselves physically without hurting the officer. As soon as the encounter is over, they should write down everything that happened, so they do not forget the details of the encounter. Once they have spoken with their attorney, they can start the legal process of seeking justice from the officer who mistreated them.

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