No matter what age an individual is, there is always some level of risk associated with operating a vehicle. However, there are certain age groups such as older adults and teens that are more prone to engaging in accidents. While teens should be spending more time on the road with an adult to learn how to become a better driver, there are some older adults who may need to reconsider whether driving is in their best interest.

Sometimes, when a person reaches a certain age, driving can become more difficult and dangerous as they may struggle to see and their reaction times are much slower than they used to be. If a family member thinks an older adult in their family may be putting themselves more at risk when they drive, they can use these questions provided on behalf of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to decide whether they should sit and discuss the issue with their family member.


  1. Is the older adult getting lost going places they typically would know how to get to?
  2. Are more dents or scratches appearing on their vehicle?
  3. Have they been ticketed for a driving violation?
  4. Were they involved in a car accident recently or did they have a close call with another vehicle?
  5. Do road signs or markings overwhelm them when they drive?
  6. Do they have trouble maneuvering from one lane to the next?
  7. Do they speed or drive too slowly?
  8. Are they suffering from an illness or condition that might interfere with their ability to drive safely?
  9. Are they currently on medications that are known to impair their vision, judgment, etc.?
  10. Has their physician instructed them to refrain from driving?


Although it can be a difficult conversation for some families to have, if an older driver isn’t able to operate their vehicle in a safe manner but is still doing so anyway, it may be a conversation that needs to be had. In 2018, 6,907 older adults ages 65 and older were killed in traffic crashes and many others suffered injuries. And the last thing anyone wants or needs is for their older relative to engage in a car crash that could end with serious or fatal injuries.


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