The job of a police officer is to help enforce the law in order to make society safer for everyone. However, not all officers carry out their responsibilities in the manner they are supposed to. It is not uncommon for individuals to contact legal professionals in order to deal with unjust encounters with police officers.

Police officers have immunity to the law which means that a person generally does not have the right to litigate against an officer who they believe has treated them unfairly. The good news is that if a person has a unique case in which the officer’s injustice was obvious then they can most probably try and take legal action through the help of a qualified police brutality lawyer in Allentown, PA.

How severely the officer is penalized depends a lot on whether they were acting out violently on purpose or whether they were simply trying to get their job done and in doing so accidentally caused more harm them they intended to. Being an officer is a very stressful job and it can lead them to make very sudden and sometimes needlessly violent decisions.

If a police officer committed an act of brutality then they may be held to account, but if they simply used excessive force then they may not necessarily be questioned in the courtroom. Police officers are actually allowed to use excessive force if they believe that it is necessary to save lives or to prevent the suspect from escaping. Officers are also allowed to use excessive force if they feel that the suspect poses a threat to themselves or anyone who is around them. Basically, if the officer has any reason to believe the suspect is harmful or could get away then they are permitted to use all force necessary in order to detain them.

Officers may be given leeway when it comes to excessive force but police brutality is something which is not taken so lightly. Police brutality includes:

  • Excessive force without a reason
  • Racial profiling
  • Searching personal property without a valid reason or permit
  • Confiscating personal belongings
  • Swearing and using vulgarity to emotionally hurt someone
  • Sexually assaulting someone

If an officer commits an act of brutality then a person should contact a lawyer as soon as the possibly can so that they can examine the options they have before them in order to get compensated for their pain and suffering. If the act of brutality was very obvious and had lasting consequences, such as serious injuries, a person has more chances of winning their case against the officer.

A lawyer can not only inform a person about whether or not they are eligible to litigate against the officer, but they can also help a person file their complaints with the right departments and defend them until the legal proceedings are over.

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