The sudden death of George Floyd has deeply affected the youth of America. For years now, people of color have suffered under the prevalent racial discrimination in America. It is disappointing and maddening to see that even in the 21st century, the world has to deal with such shameful notions. Moreover, the police department is supposed to protect citizens, but instead, pass racial judgments and mistreat people of color. Police brutality lawyers have been of great help under such dire circumstances. Read below to know how Colorado University has taken an initiative to defund the police.

CU on defunding the police


The death of George Floyd has left the people all over the world in utter shock. Many people have spoken about corruption in the law and security department. Two massive movements of defunding/reshaping the security forces and police departments have failed. Furthermore, the Denver City Council has outright rejected the appeal to shift the law enforcement funds to mental health organizations and other social safety associations. 


It hasn’t broken down the determination of a student organization from the University of Colorado. They have undertaken the initiative to continue the movement of defunding and reshaping the police department. They hope to pave the way for a statewide action regarding the same cause. Their initial start consisted of about 30,000 students of the CU Boulder campus. The faction of BIPOC students, diversify CU now, faculty, staff, and alumni are now well connected with all the four CU campuses. A special team of students met with the Denver Democrat, representative Leslie Herod to discuss the impacts on defunding the police department on a university campus.


This group’s primary focus is to relocate a portion of CUPD’s current $7.5 million total allowances to mental health training programs of BIPOC pupils. The relocated money will also go towards funding housing and scholarships for indigenous, black, and other people of color. Furthermore, they also want to implement a mandatory diversity training program for everyone on the campus. The program is said to last 16 weeks every year. CU is the fourth-least diverse university in the state, and they are doing their best to change the outlook of the college.


How can a police brutality lawyer help?


It is unfortunate to see the negligence of police officers towards their work. Nevertheless, police brutality attorneys have stepped up in the time of need to help citizens raise their voices against such atrocity. With the help of a police brutality lawyer, you can legally fight against corrupt police officers.


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