Were You the Victim of Police Brutality? Find a Lawyer in Iowa Now

Law enforcement officers no doubt have jobs which are not just challenging but can sometimes be downright dangerous. The fact is that most law enforcement officers put their own lives and safety on the line in order to protect the community.

Generally, most law enforcement officers are well trained, highly professional and ethical individuals. However, like with any other profession, there are always going to be some bad apples. Some law enforcement officers misuse the powers vested in them.

In recent times, the issue of police misconduct and police brutality has really been brought to the forefront by social media and video footage of various degrees of brutality. There is simply no excuse for excessive force, abuse, and harassment. It does not matter who the perpetrator is, they should be punished and that stands true even for law enforcement officers.

Any public servant who abuses their power should be brought to justice. It could be someone who runs Fannie Mae or someone high up in the IRS, for instance. Police officers are no different. If they disgrace their badge and violate their sworn principles, they should be written up for that or even worse.

Thanks to Iowa state law, specifically, the 1983 Action For Deprivation Of Civil Rights Under Color Of State Law, we can file a civil lawsuit against law enforcement officers who we believe have violated our constitutional rights and which has led to injury.

You will need legal help doing this though. This is not filling out a simple job application. This is where we come into the picture. USAttorneys.com was built for people who need legal help. People who were desperate, were a victim, and did not want to go through the normal search engine clutter. We made legal search simple and tranquil.

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The different types of police brutality

Police misconduct and police brutality can rear several different ugly heads. Some of the most common types of police misconduct is as follows:

  • Wrongful arrest – If and when a law enforcement officer arrests you unconstitutionally then this is considered a wrongful arrest. Therefore, for all practical purposes, if you believe you were arrested without any probable cause then you can challenge the legality of the arrest itself and file suit against the arresting officer for police misconduct. Another factor which will be considered is whether there was an arrest warrant issued and attested by a certified judge for the arrest.
  • Excessive force – Law enforcement officers who use way more physical force than required or when not required at all. This could include shoving, tackling, choking, beating, kicking, using weapons such as batons, pepper spray, etc. in circumstances where the suspect was not being out of line and was cooperating are considered to have used excessive force. This leads to severe injuries and may even cause death.
  • Unreasonable search – If law enforcement officers search your car, house, or any other property without either your consent or a search warrant which was issued and signed by a certified judge, then the search is said to be unconstitutional. This too is a kind of police misconduct.
  • Planting evidence – Law enforcement officers may be under certain pressure to meet numbers in terms of numbers of arrests, and so forth. Sometimes they even resort to means such as planting evidence in order to frame the suspect.

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It may seem like an insurmountable task to take on a law enforcement officer in a court of law. The odds may be stacked against you, however, with the right legal support you can and should take legal action. You can find the finest police brutality lawyers in Iowa right here at USAttorneys.com.

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Let’s put the pressure on the officer or the unit who is responsible. This is America, not some socialistic enclave like Russia or Cuba! Rights matter here!



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