The details of a final report and an investigation of a police involved shooting in Davenport, Iowa were released to the public after approximately three months. 

Police respond with lethal force when suspects fire on their truck

The situation was tied to the riots following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis that continued throughout the summer of 2020. The victim in this case was one of two men shot and killed in a protest that turned violent between the night of May 31st and June 1st in Davenport. Over the course of that night, police received 20 calls about shots fired and 4 people were injured to varying degrees. 

At approximately 3 am that night, police were called to the area of 1400 Myrtle Street to investigate shootings at a Walmart and a jewelry store in the area. A man was later charged in connection with the shooting death of a 22 year old woman that occurred in the area. While police responded to the area, they were ambushed while riding in an unmarked Ford F150 pickup truck. 

Several bullets hit the pickup truck including one in the leg of the sergeant who was driving. Other stray bullets hit the headrests and seats. The victim was found to be one of the people responsible for these shots during the investigation. Another officer in the passenger seat returned fire, which proved to be the deadly shots that killed the victim, although at the time the officers did not know if they had hit anyone. Bullet fragments from the victim’s body matched those from the weapon of the officer in the passenger seat. 

Even though the officers did not have time to activate their body cameras, the investigation concluded that the force was reasonable in the situation, considering the severity of the actions of the victim firing on the truck and the fact that they were actively involved in a murder investigation. Another 21 year old male suspect was eventually charged with murder for killing the woman in the Walmart parking lot. 

The officer who was in the driver’s seat was seriously injured during this exchange. The investigation contained language regarding the threat of death or injury to those in the immediate area, and the county attorney said that the use of force was justified for the purposes of preventing further violence and crime. 

Permitted uses of force

Police officers are allowed to use their weapons to defuse violent situations and protect the public. However, there are strict regulations related to police use of force and they receive relevant training regarding their weapons and when they can be used legally. 

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