Some of the methods that the police use to take people into custody are especially dangerous and damaging. In certain situations, they can cause long-lasting health problems or even death when deployed on a struggling individual.

The Fort Wayne Police have noticed that one of their neck restraint actions carries a high potential to cause injury and removed it from their protocol. Although they did not go into much detail, this recall was probably because a number of problems were associated with one particularly dangerous action.

Neck restraint technique becomes obsolete

The Fort Wayne Police have issued a statement that they will no longer use a particular kind of “neck restraint” to detain suspects. The decision was made based on potential safety concerns for both officers and the public.

The department made a formal announcement that the “lateral vascular neck restraint” will be suspended from the protocol of Fort Wayne officers. A sergeant who served as a spokesperson said the tactic was in use since 2014, particularly when suspects are engaged in violent resistance. He defended the use of the action in the past by saying it was not a choke hold, and that a person’s windpipes would not be affected by the technique. The department also issued a statement saying the technique was initially though to be a quick and effective way to take individuals into custody, without risking injuries, which proved to be incorrect in practice. However, there was no further elaboration on what exactly prompted the safety concerns. They simply clarified by saying the elimination of the technique was a risk mitigation strategy meant to generally improve public safety and minimize the potential for injuries to officers.

Despite the lack of elaboration by the Fort Wayne Department, there have been publicized incidents of officers being injured during training sessions for using neck restraint techniques. Concerns from doctors who analyzed the injuries included the possibility of long term damage and stroke resulting from strangulation.

Dangerous procedures to take people into custody

The fact that the department has made a point of discontinuing the use of this one tactic to subdue those in custody means that it must have caused a number of injuries to both suspects and officers in the last several years. Police can be very forceful when detaining some people. In some cases permanent injuries will occur because of the level of forced used, especially when the officer is much larger than the detained person or multiple police are trying to forcefully bring someone to the ground. The risk mitigation factors the department vaguely referenced were probably concerns that the department would be sued in incidents where the technique hurt people.

If someone has endured any kind of neck trauma due to police action, it is possible to file a lawsuit. There are relevant federal laws that protect the public from excessive use of force by police officers. In this situation, there is also strong evidence that anyone who has suffered a neck injury in the Fort Wayne area at the hands of a police officer can make a claim that improper procedures were in place. It may be possible for a lawyer to argue that the department was negligent for training their officers in this method, and the potential danger should have been discovered long before the tactic was ever deployed on members of the public. Those who were harmed by this neck restraint now have a clear argument to make in court.

Police Brutality Lawyers can talk to you now

If you believe the method the police used to take you into custody caused an injury, it may be possible to file a lawsuit or take other measures against the department. A conversation with an attorney in Fort Wayne or anywhere nearby in Indiana is the best way to determine a course of action.


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