The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) play a very important role in keeping the streets of Indianapolis as safe as possible from all forms of crime.  The IMPD is responsible for taking care of everything from minor infractions such as speeding on the road, to dealing with mass shootings. It goes without saying that most police officers play a very integral role in society and without having them on our side the world would probably be a lot more dangerous. However, this does not mean that every officer follows the laws perfectly themselves.

There are many rules and regulations put into place to make sure that an individual is a good fit to become a police officer before they even begin the job. They have to be educated and physically fit, they also have to pass various character assessments as well before they make it onto the force. Nonetheless, there are still quite a few officers who end up crossing the line and who start to abuse their power. The IMPD does everything they can to reduce the amount of damage a police officer may do and to have the officers penalized appropriately

The IMPD was pushed into action after a serious case of police brutality in 2017

The IMPD changed their policies to become stricter with regards to police brutality after the fatal shooting of an individual who was simply driving too fast on the road. Two police officers asked the man to stop, but the man continued to drive fast and crashed into a tree. It was after he crashed that the officers shot him multiple times until he was severely injured, he later died in the hospital due to the wounds. There was no weapon found in his vehicle.

IMPD policies preventing police brutality

The good news is the IMPD took action and they improved their policies only two weeks after the above incident took place. The policies include:

  • Testing and educating all officers on ‘implicit bias’ to prevent them from acting out simply due to the way a person looks or appears to be behaving
  • Adding a ‘use of force’ review board so that any case in which excessive force is used is investigated thoroughly to make sure the force was justified
  • The development of an Office of Diversity and Inclusion to better the understanding of officers with all groups of people in society

The above rules, especially the training in implicit bias were great steps to be taken as preventative measures for future cases of unjustified use of excessive force.

If a person has been attacked by a police officer or has had a family member killed by a police officer without a very strong or valid reason then they should get in touch with an Indianapolis police brutality attorney in order to pursue legal action. There are many rights and policies protecting a person from being hurt in this manner and getting in touch with the right attorney can help educate a person on all of their rights which have been violated and what they can do to get proper compensation.



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