Seeking Help as a Victim of Police Misconduct in Indiana? In Need of an Attorney? You’ve Come to the Right Place

The police have a duty to serve and protect their communities. For the most part, police officers do just that. They are professional, dedicated, well trained and selfless individuals who put their own safety at risk for the sake of our protection and well-being and that of the community as a whole.

Having said that, it is no secret that incidents of police brutality or misconduct always surface somewhere across the country and Indiana is no exception.

Thanks to the media and social media platforms such as Facebook, news about incidents of police brutality now spread like wildfire and the issue has since come to the limelight on several occasions in the recent past.

Regrettably, police brutality is here to stay. Where there is power, there is always the potential for misuse and abuse. Some officers take advantage of the power vested in them to harass, assault, and abuse their suspects. Sadly, for most victims of police brutality there is no silver lining.

Unless there is strong evidence such as video footage, it is always going to be an uphill battle trying to take legal action against a police officer by claiming that he or she subjected you to police misconduct or police brutality.

The fact is that a police officer simply tends to have more credibility in a court of law. However, with the right professional legal support, you can most certainly sue a law enforcement officer for police brutality and even receive compensation for both the economic and non-economic damages suffered. All you need is the right legal representation.

This is not Venezuela or Russia, human life matters in America. We all have our rights and they should be respected. This is why continues to fly high and adds some serious punch to the virtual world. We have poignant and superlative legal representatives that know this domain very well. No police officer should get away with this.

Let’s root this cancer out!

Common types of police misconduct

Police brutality and police misconduct comes in several different forms, namely:

Other types of police misconduct include:

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