Two days after the Mayor of Anderson, Indiana and Anderson Police Chief Jake Brown banned the use of chokeholds, an Indiana officer was captured on video applying a chokehold to a 21-year-old suspect. The Daily Mail shared the video footage that captured Officer Brandon Reynolds in the act along with Officer Ashley Gravely who was present to assist. The source says that Reynolds was on patrol on June 13th when he heard what he thought were gunshots. The officer then allegedly saw 21-year-old Spencer Nice and three others walking in the area.

Reynolds claims he then saw Nice throw something black up against the side of a factory warehouse. After Reynolds’ backup, Officer Gravely, showed up, Reynolds is seen in the video attempting to place Nice in handcuffs. In the process of detaining Nice, Reynolds is seen grabbing the man around the neck, placing him in a chokehold position for about seven seconds. He then takes the male suspect down to the ground where he then cuffs him.

According to the officer’s statement, Nice was resisting arrest, although the video footage appears to show Nice standing calmly while being placed in cuffs.


Indiana Officers Placed on Administrative Leave


After the incident occurred, both Reynolds and Gravely were placed on paid administrative leave. The source says that according to a court affidavit, police said “Nice allegedly did not obey an order to put his hands behind his back.” An investigation is being conducted into the incident to determine if disciplinary action is warranted.

Broderick and Brown did address the incident in a statement by saying, while we want to fairly review all of the evidence, we are disturbed by what is shown in the video. We will promptly act in such cases and take appropriate action for any such violations.” The source highlighted that the Anderson Board of Public Safety “is conducting a hearing and would be responsible for any disciplinary action greater than a five-day suspension.”

In the meantime, while the investigation is being completed, Nice will likely want to consider hiring an Indiana criminal defense lawyer to help him fight the misdemeanor count of resisting law enforcement that was filed against him.


Did an Anderson, Indiana officer apply excessive force during your encounter with him/her?


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