If a person is being confronted by a police officer the best thing to always do is comply with whatever the officer is saying. However, if a person feels like things are escalating in the wrong way and they feel like the police officer may falsely arrest them, use excessive force against them, or do something of a similar nature then one of the best moves to make is to ask for the police officers name or I.D number. However, what happens if a police officer refuses to give this information?

Police ID and the law in Chicago

The Chicago police are required to identify themselves by name, rank, and star number when asked to do so by another member of their department whether they are on duty or off duty. However, when any common member in society asks for their identification information, the rules are not so clear.

A police officer is not required by any specific law to give their ID to common members of society. However, when police officers are being trained and when they are hired for their job they are generally required by their employer’s policy to provide their ID to someone whom they are confronting in any reasonable scenario. In most cases, police officers are supposed to show their ID if the individual they are confronting requests it.

However, if they feel like there is a security or privacy risk of doing so then they do not have to comply. Also, there are no rules penalizing an officer for failing to show their ID when requested by a person whom they are arresting or confronting on the streets.

On the bright side, Chicago police rules do require police officers to carry their badges around them whenever they are on duty and a badge generally contains the ID number of the officer in question. They have to wear their badge on the left side of their outer-most garment where it is easily visible for everyone to see.  So if a person is in a situation where the officer refuses to give their ID information, it is ordinarily always accessible on their badges.

Can I file a claim against a police officer if I do not have their name or ID number?

If a person has been attacked or physically assaulted by the police officer and they do not have their badge or ID information they should get in touch with a police brutality attorney in Chicago. After getting in touch with an experienced lawyer and letting them know the situation a person is currently in, the lawyer can help a person file complaints with the police department, Department of Justice, and other relevant bodies as well. Even if a police officer’s name is unknown, a lawyer can dig into a person’s case using witnesses and security footage until the identity of the officer is determined.

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