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Police brutality has been more in the limelight due to recent incidents of misconduct that have transpired across the country. The fact that some of these incidents were caught on tape and circulated on social media and television networks is what has gone a long way in raising eyebrows across the nation.

However, even though the awareness of such brutality is now widespread, it does not mean that the incidents themselves have ceased or even lessened.

The uniformed men and women belonging to law enforcement units spread across Illinois are meant to serve and protect us. For the most part, this is what they do. Generally speaking, police officers are selfless individuals who are well trained professionals that put their own personal safety on the line for the sake of ours. However, like with any professional, there are some bad apples.

Some law enforcement officers abuse the power vested in them through misuse of power or by harassing and/or assaulting suspects. This is where comes into the fold. This is we have this type of legal pro on our list. Click and call!

What constitutes police brutality?

Police brutality comes in many forms. However, it is imperative that victims of police brutality speak up against it. The ought to take legal action because failure to do so will only result in the law enforcement officer continuing with such abuse and harassment and the officer will only leave even more victims in his or her wake.

Some of the most common forms of police misconduct include, but is not limited to the following:

So if you or anyone you know has been subjected to any type of misconduct by law enforcement officers, then we suggest that you contact a legal counselor and get started working on your case.

What is excessive force?

One of the most common types of police misconduct or police brutality is the unnecessary use of excessive force, be it during, prior or after an arrest or any other point during an interaction between a law enforcement officer and a civilian/suspect.

When law enforcement officers need to subdue someone, there are several restrictions they must practice and certain safety protocols they need to adhere to so as to not injure the suspect severely. In lay man terms, if a law enforcement officer uses way too much physical force than required or kicks/beats a suspect for no good reason or uses other weapons to subdue the suspect when not necessary, this is called excessive force.

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