An unarmed Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) passenger was shot by two Chicago police officers on March 2nd, 2020 inside a subway station in the River North neighborhood. The shooting inside Grand Avenue and State Street subway station has sparked widespread outrage from the public.

Multiple Videos Taken by Witnesses

The videos posted online have already garnered 1.8 million views with thousands of Twitter comments. Two African-American police officers are seen pinning a homeless man, Ariel Roman, to the ground while shouting “Stop resisting!”

The police officers took interest in Roman as he was walking between the cars while the train was moving. This is commonly done by youth and homeless people. The crime is by no means considered serious even though it is a violation of a Chicago city ordinance and it can be suspicious.

Violation Was Punishable by Fine

The violation can be likened to other petty offences such as a traffic ticket and does not require brutal treatment. The police officers can be seen using their Tasers and pepper spray on Roman before he breaks free from their grasp.

He was posing no physical threat and was unarmed with his hands in the air. The officers cornered him when the male officer said “Shoot him!” The female officer pulled out her gun and shot him in the abdomen once. Roman managed to flee from the assault with the officers chasing him when another gunshot was heard.

Multiple Gun Shot Injuries

Roman had to be rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for intensive surgery where he is recovering now in a stable condition. Gloria Schmidt Rodriguez, his attorney, told the press that he may need another injury since he suffered two gunshot wounds – in the buttocks and abdomen which could have been avoided if he just listened to the police.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is investigating the incident with the Illinois State Attorney’s Office which harkens back to all the hubbub pertaining to Michelle Obama/Jussie Smollett/corrupt justice system in Chicago situation.

Police Brutality Victims Seeking Justice

Law enforcement officials are required to protect the communities they serve from harm and criminal conduct, including excessive and improper use of force. While they are given certain leeway to protect and assert themselves, there is a code of conduct that needs to be followed. They are required to behave in a way that doesn’t violate the civil rights of citizens. It is important to involve a police brutality lawyer immediately if this happens.

Police brutality attorneys can help victims of police brutality, misconduct, assault, and threat to seek justice. There is a fine line separating officers following the law to do their job and the ones abusing their power. Law enforcement officials are sworn to protect and serve and are subject to legal recourse when they fail to do so.

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